Say Happy New Year to your Patients by Eliminating the Needles and Bleeding with the Solea® Dental Laser


It’s resolution time! Here are some dental New Year’s resolutions we often hear from patients: 1) Brush two times, two minutes per day, 2) Floss every day, 3) Visit my dentist at least twice a year. As a dental professional, what’s your dental resolution to your patients? A great start is to make a commitment to learn about Solea® and how it can differentiate your practice by offering reliably anesthesia-free, blood-free, suture-free, and pain-free dentistry. The versatility of procedures you will be able to offer your patients, and the impact it has on the patient experience is what makes Solea a truly revolutionary evolution in dental instrumentation.



A Year in Review with Convergent Dental and the Solea® Dental Laser


As 2017 comes to a close and we get ready to enter a new year once again, it only seems fitting to look back on the moments that helped to make 2017 such an extraordinary time for Convergent Dental and of course, the Solea® Dental Laser.

With the coming and going of the years, we have witnessed our company change, grow, and accomplish more than we could have ever imagined. From our big move to Needham, Massachusetts and the launch of our educational website for patients (, to the influx of product appearances across major news channels, adoption of Solea by a multitude of new practitioners, and a 40% employee acquisition increase, we say with confidence that Convergent Dental has truly helped pave the way for a different kind of dentistry this year.

We are excited to highlight five of our greatest achievements, and by the end of the post, we hope you will understand why we are so proud of our company and the all-tissue laser that has made a difference in both the lives of dentists and our own.

Dr. Plotka Shares His Solea® Dental Laser Experience with WCVB News



“I don’t do anything the same way I did three years ago,” states Dr. Ron Plotka, a general dentist who has been in private practice for 45 years. Three years ago, Dr. Plotka first implemented Convergent Dental’s Solea dental laser into his practice workflow, and has since been met with exceptional results by way of increased patient retention and staff satisfaction. Dr. Plotka recently spoke with WCVB News about the state-of-the-art laser that’s rapidly changed the face of dentistry.


Create a Triangle of Success for Your Practice with the Solea® Dental Laser


With three sides, triangles can convey much more significance than they seemingly do as simple geometric shapes. Often used as a model in business and dentistry, the figure can help you, as a business owner and Solea laser dentist, understand just how powerful Solea can be in helping you advance and grow your practice and support how you work with your staff and care for your patients.

If you have adopted the Solea dental laser, you are already creating a triangle of success for your practice and noticing the multitude of benefits that accompany it. If you have yet to integrate Solea into your practice, this post will provide you with what to look forward to: how Solea benefits all who walk through the door and how it will ultimately contribute to the growth and success of your practice.

Become the First Solea® Laser Dentist in Your Area


Since its breakthrough introduction to the dental space in 2013, the Solea dental laser has been transforming practices and changing the way dentists around the nation perform procedures from cavity fills to gingivectomies to crown lengthenings, just to name a few. With Solea, there is a lot to be excited about.

Throughout the years, Solea has received avid reviews from both new practitioners who have recently started working with Solea and steadfast Solea dentists who have been loyal users since its launch. However, what warrants more enthusiasm and excitement than even the technology itself is the idea of becoming the first laser dentist in a specific area.


Bringing the Solea® Dental Laser to Patients


There is no doubt that the Solea® dental laser redefines the patient experience, however until patients are educated on the benefits of the laser versus traditional dentistry, they don’t truly know how remarkable this CO2 laser is. Certainly, what may be just as important as educating professionals about how Solea it is changing dentistry, is providing patients with a platform where they can learn about what Solea is, the way it works, and how it will amend their perceptions of going to the dentist.

That said, Convergent Dental saw a great need to develop a completely personalized website solely for patient knowledge and it is called

The Science behind the Solea® Dental Laser

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Solea® is an advanced dental technology that has revolutionized and disrupted the dental laser market forever. After years in development, Convergent Dental was ready in 2013 to introduce dentistry to a breakthrough technology that would finally position a dental laser as an instrument a dentist would come to rely on for every patient every day. The key to the company’s success and unprecedented growth over the years is directly attributed to the company’s commitment to innovation that was a leap over the native CO2 and erbium lasers currently on the market.

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The Solea® Dental Laser and Soft Tissue Procedures: Add Revenue Streams for Your Dental Practice

It’s a fact: since the onset of the Great Recession in the late 2000s, many—if not all—American dental practitioners have felt and continue to feel the effects of the financial decline. In the Dental Economics article, Seven Ways the New Economy has Changed Dentistry, Dr. Roger P. Levin highlights various examples of how the industry has been impacted. For instance, certain patients have chosen to go without elective treatment, others have abandoned the dental system altogether, and moreover; most insurance carriers have created lower reimbursement plans that accommodate those who sit in the chair, but unfortunately harm the dentist.

Although the examples mentioned above are dissimilar, they all result in the same outcome, which is a reduction in profits for the dental practice.

Today in 2017, the recession is over and dentists have more opportunity than ever to be ambitious and generate as much revenue as possible for the growth of their practice. But how? The answer is simple: transition to laser dentistry and begin offering more treatment options that serve patients’ needs in-house.

Supporting Dentists’ Solea® Laser Journey



When dentists choose the Solea dental laser, they aren’t just receiving the industry’s #1 all-tissue laser; they’re also getting a complete experience that includes an unparalleled level of support that will help prepare their practice for success when it comes to understanding Solea and most importantly, providing patient care.



Facebook for Dental Practices: Growing Your Practice Online

solea-facebook-for-dental-practicesOver the past five years Facebook has been expanding its capabilities far beyond simply staying in touch with friends and family, giving business owners a variety of ways to create a valuable online presence.

Today, Facebook is a powerful and cost-effective tool for dentists looking to acquire new patients and stay top of mind among their current patients, provided you approach the platform with the right strategy.

By following a few guiding principles you can position your practice for success on Facebook.

Are Dental Lasers Right for Your Practice?


Purchasing a new piece of dental technology is an important moment for the dental practice. There are a number of different factors that could influence this decision ranging from how the technology could impact patient experience, or enhance the procedures currently offered.

Ultimately, dentists must consider if a piece of technology is right for their practice and whether or not it addresses common issues or situations they encounter. If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, then dental lasers could be a perfect fit for your practice.

Dental Laser Misconceptions: Debunking Common Myths



Dental lasers, like many other dental technologies, are the subject of a variety of different opinions surrounding their functionality and overall benefit to the dental practice. While it’s always sensible to do research on and consult with peers before making a purchase, many of the common thoughts about dental lasers are major misconceptions. To give you a better idea of the true benefits of an all-tissue dental laser we’re going to debunk three of the most common dental laser myths.

Spread the Word: Marketing Your Practice’s Dental Technology

digital-marketing-solea-postThe growth of dental technology has pushed the industry forward in incredible ways. Dental professionals now have a number of new, streamlined ways to approach treatments unavailable without leading technology. Practices that use Solea®, a dental laser capable of reliably anesthesia-free dentistry, are able to offer patients unprecedented treatment compared to practices relying on traditional high-speed drills. However, it isn’t enough to own Solea and provide advanced treatment to your existing patients. In order to properly reap the rewards of your technology and grow your practice you have to understand how to market yourself as a laser dentist.

Effectively spreading the word about Solea’s many patient-centric benefits requires knowing how to best communicate information to patients, and where patients are going to interact with your practice.



Redefining the Patient Experience with the Solea® Dental Laser


It is no secret not only children, but even adults fear going to the dentist; in fact, the American Dental Association (ADA) once addressed this issue by providing a compilation of statistics that spoke to the adult patient’s frequency of visits. The findings revealed that in 2014, 52.3% of adults saw their dentist every six months in the last few years, 15.4% reported once per year, and 11.0% said they went every two to three years. However, most astounding was the fact that an overwhelming 21.3% confessed that it had been quite some time since they have sat in an operatory chair. We could speculate as to why one-in-five adult patients chose to avoid their two annual visits; perhaps they did not have the availability, or maybe it had to do with something else: the fear of encountering the dreaded drill.

Three Doctors, Three Viewpoints, One Laser

male dentist-adult female patient5

When dentists begin using Solea it often becomes the centerpiece of the entire practice, streamlining more difficult procedures and offering patients reliably anesthesia-free treatments. To learn more about Solea’s impact on the dental practice, we spoke with three dentists to learn about their expectations of Solea before using it and what they think of Solea after bringing it into their practice.

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Dental Lasers Demystified

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From an outside perspective, laser dentistry can appear daunting. You may have heard about lasers at a trade show or had a few discussions with colleagues, but still have plenty of questions about the different kinds of lasers on the market and whether any of them are a good fit for your practice. To help demystify dental lasers, we’ll take a high-level look at CO2 lasers, Erbium lasers, and what sets Solea® apart.

Why Solea: The Impact of Reliably Anesthesia-Free Dentistry







Dentists have used all of these words to describe Solea’s technology and its impact on their patients. They’ve said things like: “It works so quickly and efficiently – the experience the patient receives is so much better than traditional dentistry.” And: “Solea continues to amaze me on a daily basis.” Of course, hearing that makes us smile, but we’re always striving to innovate. To that end, every year, we meet with dentists from around the country to provide a platform where we can share our latest technology innovations and Solea dentists can collaborate, discover and learn new techniques to enhance their experience with Solea and the experience of their patients.



The Changing Face of Dentistry with Dr. David Garber

Main Image CD August Blog

Last week, we were honored to welcome Dr. David Garber to Boston to lead an evening discussion followed by a one day hands-on session with Solea. Dr. David Garber is a renowned expert in the dental community. He has won the Gordon J. Christensen Lecturer Recognition Award, the David Serson Medal of Research, is an honorary member of the Kois Center for Advancing Dentistry Through Science, as well as a past president of the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (AAED) and board member of both the AAED and the American Academy of Fixed Prosthodontics. Having been a leader in the field for decades, he drew quite the crowd. We, like the rest of the audience, took out our notepad and enjoyed learning from the best. Below are our event and presentation highlights.

Solea Dental Laser Clinical Results

Convergent Dental Solea

Treating Interproximal Carious Lesions, Crown Lengthening, Fractured Amalgam, and Recurrent Decay with Joshua P. Weintraub, DDS

For a long time, dental lasers have struggled to deliver predictable clinical performance. As an experienced laser dentist, Dr. Joshua Weintraub has invested in many different types of lasers, including erbium (2.9 μm), Nd:YAG (1.064 μm), and diode (0.81 μm). He saw the potential of laser technology, but struggled to experience the consistent results promised. With Solea, Dr. Weintraub finally has a technology with which he can confidently and safely perform anesthesia-free and blood-free procedures for the majority of his cases, including interproximal carious lesions, crown lengthening, fractured amalgam, and recurrent decay.

June Blog

Solea Laser Setup Practice

June Blog

At Dr. Bernstein’s office, a young patient with braces faced a complicated situation. The 14 year-old patient presented with extensive gingival hyperplasia. Her orthodontic appliance made it hard to maintain oral hygiene so there was significant gingival hypertrophy on 24 teeth. Traditionally dentists would reach for a scalpel, which requires anesthesia and follow-up sutures. Dr. Bernstein offers his patients a less invasive alternative using Solea.

INTRODUCING SOLEA 3.0 – The Next Big Breakthrough in Lasers is Here.


The Laser that changed dentistry is changing it again. When Solea first launched, it delivered on the promise of a reliable dental laser that increased efficiencies, added new procedures to a dentist’s repertoire and improved the dental experience for doctors and patients alike. Since that day, we haven’t stopped innovating. Solea 3.0 is our most impressive software update yet. It’s easy to use, intuitive, and handles like a dream. One of our Solea dentists said, “I feel as if I’m driving a new Formula 1… and it’s exhilarating!”

Solea Laser Reduces Dentist Stress


At the beginning of the year, Dental Products Report released a survey about the mental state of today’s dentist, and author Kevin Henry’s findings paint a pretty stressful picture. As a partner to many private practices, we can certainly empathize. We can also offer a solution. For those looking for a way to alleviate some of the most common stresses in dentistry today, take a look at Solea.

Solea Laser Success Stories

Solea Stories

Unlike any other piece of dental technology, Solea is something patients want to talk and tweet about. Since the launch, we’ve seen videos and photos from patients across the country, commenting on Solea’s impact on their dental experience. The best part is that people are often sharing on their own accord. Other times, dentists are asking patients to reflect on their experience. In both cases, practices are able to capture genuine, relatable reactions to Solea’s stress-free dentistry.


Dr. Fantarella on the Solea Dental Laser


Dr. David Fantarella had been using an erbium laser for five years when Solea hit the market. Unlike the erbium laser, Solea allowed him to perform a greater breadth of procedures at a faster rate and drastically improved his patient’s experience in the chair. Today, at his office in New Haven, Connecticut, he uses Solea on virtually every patient, every day.

Successful Frenectomies Utilizing Solea Improve Pediatric Dentistry

Kotlow CDAt Dr. Lawrence Kotlow’s Albany, New York dental practice, families are traveling from near and far for treatment for their children.


To witness Solea’s unrivaled ability to improve the patient experience, visit Dr. Lawrence Kotlow’s practice in Albany, New York, where families from near and far are traveling to his office for a new kind of frenectomy procedure. Traditionally, frenectomies are an invasive operation that requires anesthesia and pose a serious challenge for parents who fear a painful experience for their kids. Utilizing Solea’s technology, Dr. Kotlow pioneered a new process to treat infant and toddler patients quickly and comfortably.

Kotlow CD