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The Next Generation of Solea® is here


The Next Generation of Solea® is here

When practitioners thought they were getting it all with Solea, they were right. But now, the next generation of the CO2 dental laser is here, and once again, dentistry will never be the same. This time, though, Convergent Dental has further revolutionized the industry-leading technology, making it even more unprecedented and taking the practitioner-patient experience from out of this world to blatantly mind-blowing.

Solea quickly became dentistry’s #1 selling all-tissue laser as a result of delivering on every one of its promises, including removing anesthesia, bleeding, sutures, discomfort, and patient fear and anxiety from the treatment experience. Additionally, Solea promised unparalleled practice growth, allowing current Solea Dentists to perform 4-6 more procedures per day without working any harder. Over the years, this has been confirmed by practitioner after practitioner, including Dr. Andrew M. Spector who once told Dentistry Today in “The Benefits of Using a CO2 All-Tissue Laser in Dentistry”, “To date, no other product has delivered a level of effectiveness or propelled practice growth quite like [Solea].”

With absolute certainty in Solea’s next iteration, Convergent Dental CEO Michael Cataldo wants the industry to understand just how significantly Solea transforms the complete dental experience, announcing, “This new generation of Solea provides a quantum leap in performance at every level. Most importantly, [Solea] enables dentists to do virtually 100% of cavity preps anesthesia-free”—this alone adds remarkable value to a practice. That said, remember the fact about users reporting 4-6 more procedures per day? Well, with the next level updates, productivity is guaranteed to dramatically increase, giving you the time needed to get as much as possible done during the day while truly working less.

So what exactly are the phenomenal advancements that have Dr. David Fantarella saying, “This Solea is the all-tissue laser that will make every dentist believe in all-tissue lasers” and Dr. Yooson Kim proclaiming, “When patients ask you if you’ve started the procedure after you’ve already finished, you know you’ve reached a new level in anesthesia-free dentistry.” Let’s take a look.

Unprecedented clinical performance

Convergent Dental collected data and statistics from nearly 1,000 procedures in early use of Solea’s new platform to validate its clinical capabilities. The results prove an even better anesthesia-free performance, with users reporting nearly 100% of cavity preps* being performed without local anesthetic. This is beneficial, as anesthesia steals time and involves calming patients, injecting, waiting for numbness, and stops you from being able to work in four quadrants. What little to no anesthesia means for patients is less discomfort and more of a reason to no longer fear the dentist. Not to mention, soft tissue procedures become easier when injections, bleeding, sutures, and discomfort are removed.

Smaller footprint

Not only is Solea known for an anesthesia-, blood-, and suture-free experience that practitioners can count on, it is now 15% slimmer. With a smaller footprint, Solea takes up less space and is easier to navigate around the office and operatory.

Enhanced software

The new Solea platform is equipped with software that includes user-customizable options, user-specific profiles, and faster startup, making the experience more powerful and personal to you.

Enhanced ergonomics

Just when you thought a handpiece couldn’t be anymore ergonomically sound, it is. Lighter and easier to maneuver, Solea’s handpiece has been redesigned with improved rotation and a wider range of motion for the utmost ease when handling cases.

Improved remote access

To help practitioners gain immediate access to Solea software updates and remote service and support, the new platform comes with a 4G LTE mobile data connection along with the existing Wi-Fi capability. Now, everything you need to keep Solea running most optimally is on-demand and right there for your convenience.

Solea has made practitioners fall in love with dentistry all over again and done what most people thought impossible: provide patients with a unique experience by taking the dread out of dentistry. Patients now enjoy sharing their dental experience with friends and family. To see what this means for you, your patients, and your practice, contact Convergent Dental today and ask about Solea!

*Actual results: 99.2% of 833 cavities and 132 soft tissue procedures treated successfully without local anesthesia in early use.

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