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Maximize Practice Efficiency with Multi-Quadrant Dentistry

Increased efficiency, improved workflow, better patient experiences, and added revenue are all powerful catalysts for practice growth and prosperity. However, it is difficult to find a solution that can achieve all four. But when Convergent Dental unveiled Solea, the first and only FDA cleared, all-tissue CO2 dental laser—everything changed. Soon after, practitioners everywhere began sharing their stories of successful, reliably anesthesia-free procedures, turning Solea into today’s #1 selling dental laser.

If asked what makes the technology an optimal investment, every Solea dentist would list several advantages. One would be Solea’s ability to grow practices through added productivity, patient satisfaction, and more, while ensuring practitioners instantly get back their return on investment. Another is how the all-tissue dental laser allows virtually every clinical situation—cavity preps, inlays, onlays, crown preps, crown lengthenings, frenectomies, gingivectomies, and more—to be handled reliably anesthesia- and blood-free and in less time. A third advantage for practitioners is knowing their patients will have a reliably pain-free experience during visits, as Solea delivers a predictable analgesic effect that other dental lasers can’t. The quick onset can be attributed to Solea’s 9.3 µm wavelength, which Dr. Andrew Spector calls “transcendent” in “The Benefits of Using a CO2 All-Tissue Laser in Dentistry.”

In the same article, Dr. Spector refers to another benefit Solea enables, and that is multi-quadrant dentistry—something that can’t be accomplished traditionally. The New Jersey-based Solea dentist and nationally recognized speaker credits the success of his practice to Solea and this revolutionary way of performing dentistry that lets him do more in a single visit. He says, “Incorporating this laser into my workflow has produced substantial growth in our practice, not just from new patients but from an efficiency, workflow, and production standpoint, such as being able to work in multiple quadrants at the same time.” Dr. Spector goes on to discuss how Solea has radically changed everything about patient appointment planning, adding, “The number of anesthesia-free hard- and soft-tissue procedures I can now perform in a single day has changed our entire scheduling philosophy.”

With Solea, Dr. Spector and his staff are able to schedule appointments in a manner that helps maximize profit and accommodate patients. He says, “We identify all [operative procedures] in our ‘morning huddle’ meeting that might have been previously treatment-planned even as traditional care cases. We then identify all appointments that are available for same-day laser procedures.” Keeping in mind patients’ anxiety of being numbed during procedures and how that is often why they refuse multi-quadrant work, Dr. Spector especially loves how Solea’s reliably anesthesia-free dentistry has transformed not only his workflow, but also patient care. Another practitioner who shares the same experience as Dr. Spector is Dr. Ron Plotka of Massachusetts. The 45-year veteran, impressed by the reliably anesthesia-free and blood-free procedures with Solea, calls the technology a “practice builder” and also attributes his new degree of productivity to multi-quadrant dentistry. In a testimonial video, Dr. Plotka says, “I can work on all the different quadrants of the mouth with no anesthesia, no pain, and no drill—all in one visit and the patient loves that.”

A third practitioner who understands the value of added efficiency with Solea and what it can do for a practice is Dr. Joshua Weintraub. In “Changing the Patient Experience: Using a CO2 Laser to Remove an Amalgam Dental Restoration without Anesthesia,” the Solea dentist shares one of his hard tissue cases. In the article, he goes into detail about how Solea helped him effectively remove a patient’s amalgam filling and decay on the tooth, all while eliminating steps and saving time.

Without use of an injectable anesthetic, Dr. Weintraub immediately began the preparation with Solea. Once the old filling was broken up and removed along with the decay, the prep was finished and the tooth was ready to be restored with composite. Traditionally, this procedure would have taken 40 minutes. Here, it was completed in half the time—less than 20 minutes from start to finish. Not only did Solea help Dr. Weintraub save significant time, it also let him eliminate the need for follow-up appointments.

Adopting Solea and its unmatched advantages, such as multi-quadrant dentistry, is a sure way to provide a higher standard of care to patients, optimize your workflow, and ultimately reward your practice with increased financial gains. To begin transforming the dental experience for everyone—single-visits for patients and maximum efficiency for you—contact Convergent Dental today and ask about Solea or join us at one of our regional hands-on events!

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