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Solea® and Your Practice


Solea® and Your Practice… Can You Name a Better Partnership?

Dentistry is a profession where “partnership” is a valuable word. For instance, as a practitioner you have a partnership with your hygienists and office staff because they want practice success. You also have a partnership with patients who trust you to provide the highest quality care. In addition to partnerships with those you work with and those you treat, technology can also be a partner to you—sometimes the best one is in the operatory! Just think: you use this tool to perform dentistry every day, it helps make your job easier and improves your patients’ experience while they are sitting in the chair.

Meet your new practice partner: Solea, a 9.3 µm CO2 dental laser that changes dentistry. It is a breakthrough laser technology that is proven to deliver a unique experience for you and your patients. It will make your day much easier and allow you to work smarter and faster without limitations such as stopping to let anesthesia settle in. Solea reliably eliminates anesthesia and bleeding, and it is the only all-tissue laser that performs cavity preps with speed comparable to the drill. 

Looking for efficiency and a seamless workflow? Solea is the right partner

Dentists who use traditional instruments, such as the high-speed handpiece and scalpel, are slowing down productivity. Unfortunately, no matter how quickly they work or how pleased they are with the clinical outcomes, they are still encountering obstacles that stop them from being as efficient as possible.

Two of these obstacles which can’t be avoided in traditional hard- or soft-tissue procedures are use of local anesthesia and managing bleeding. Although you may have thought anesthesia and blood are just part of dentistry, they don’t have to be. With Solea, most surgeries can be performed reliably anesthesia- and blood-free. These changes alone will dramatically transform workflow.

In a Class II restoration by Dr. Heath Brantley, Solea is shown to deliver on its anesthesia-free promise. In this case, eliminating the need to make the injection and calm the patient saved Dr. Brantley significant time. From start to finish, the procedure took less than 10 minutes, compared to approximately 40 minutes with traditional tools. Dr. Brantley was also able to check the patient’s occlusion, which would have required a second appointment (and a potential lost visit with another patient) if local anesthesia was administered.

When it comes to blood-free surgeries, practitioners—including Dr. Jared Poplin—have a lot to say. In an interview with DentistryIQ, Dr. Poplin discusses the beauty of performing soft tissue procedures with the Solea vs diode lasers, saying, “Solea’s healing is much better than the diode that I used to use. There is zero charring with Solea, less inflammation, and less scar tissue, since it does not produce the heat that a diode laser does. Also, because there is little to no bleeding, I have a clear field of vision that allows me to work more precisely.”

Determined to keep patients in your practice for years? A partnership with Solea will help

Next to efficiency and being able to do more so you can make more, Solea is the laser patients will love and talk about long after their visit.

Practitioners know best that most patients fear dental visits. In fact, the thought of going to the dentist is enough to keep some of them out of the chair for good. However, with Solea in your practice, there is no reason for patients to cancel appointments or just not return because they don’t like the sound of the drill, anesthesia, or prolonged sitting. Patients want a noise-free, needle-free, drill-free, blood-free, zero-anxiety experience: this is exactly what Solea delivers. When you remove the sources of fear from the operatory, you are guaranteed to get more patients and keep them.

In "Solea®Helps Dentist Improve Patient Experience, Elevate Clinical Outcomes, Boost Production", Dr. Timothy Anderson credits Solea as the technology to let him provide more of the care that patients need, while increasing efficiency. However, although his experience with the 9.3 µm CO2 laser has impacted all areas of his practice—from productivity to simplifying procedures—Dr. Anderson especially praises Solea for “creating influential patient advocates.”

Another practitioner with many patient success stories is Dr. Andrea Gamble, a pediatric dentist from California who loves advanced dental technology.

In a Solea testimonial video, Dr. Gamble discusses how important it is for children to have positive dental experiences, as this helps promote a lifetime of good oral health. A true patient advocate, Dr. Gamble talks about how young patients love the experience with Solea—and so do their parents!

When children and teens are treated with Solea, they can head back to class right after dental visits, thanks to reliably anesthesia- and pain-free dentistry. This means less school is missed, and busy parents no longer have to take a day off just to bring their child to the dentist. Dr. Gamble also mentions how her practice is growing thanks to referrals by teachers who appreciate Solea for helping students return to their classrooms as soon as they can. Choosing to incorporate Solea as a practice partner will prove to be a win for everyone. The added efficiency will enhance production, bringing in more business and more revenue. Your patients will win as Solea offers them something invaluable: a visit to the dentist that no longer has to be a cause for anxiety, nail biting, panic, or tears. If you are ready to start one of the best partnerships of your career, contact Convergent Dental and find out more about the Solea dental laser!

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