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Webinar: 9.3µm CO2 All-Tissue Laser Clinical Applications Lead to Practice Growth (1 CE)

Wednesday, June 29th from 8:00-9:00PM ET

During this webinar, Dr. Yooson Kim will discuss how the 9.3µm CO2 All-Tissue Laser can transform your practice by making you more efficient, allowing you to perform procedures you previously referred out, enabling better clinical outcomes and dramatically increasing new patient flow.

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August 26-27, 2022

PIA Symposium

This conference will consist of a didactic and hands-on workshop that will focus on achieving ideal implant esthetics and avoiding complications. Results of improper implant treatment planning will be discussed, and treatments of implant complications will be shown.

September 1-4, 2022

International Consortium of Ankylofrenula Professionals (ICAP)

Untangling Ankylofrenula: Collaborative Approaches to Best Practice Management

September 15-17, 2022

DS World 2022

Caring for your patients is your priority, helping you care for them is ours. DS World brings dental professionals together for three engaging days of market-leading clinical education, engaging speakers, award-winning entertainment, networking, and the opportunity to see the latest innovations in digital dentistry.

October 7-8, 2022

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Upcoming Webinars

Wednesday, June 29 | 8:00-9:00pm

9.3µm CO2 All-Tissue Laser Clinical Applications Lead to Practice Growth (1CE)

Yooson Kim, DMD

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