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AAPD 2024

May 23-26, 2024

The Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) and will be held from May 23 - 26, 2024 at Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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AAPD 2024

Upcoming Events

April 18-20, 2024

Manitoba Dental Association Convention & Trade Show 2024

RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg. Attendee registration opens Jan. 15, 2024

April 18-20, 2024

Ontario Dental Association Annual Spring Meeting

The Annual Spring Meeting (ASM) is the signature event of the Ontario Dental Association (ODA). Now in its 157th year, it is one of the longest-running and most respected dental conventions in North America. Over the years the ASM has become a popular meeting place for all dental professionals.

April 26, 2024

Pediatric & Adult Airway Network of New York (PAANNY)

We exist to share knowledge from diverse specialties to most effectively screen for and treat the medical condition of sleep-related breathing disorders for all ages.

May 23-26, 2024

AAPD 2024

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) and will be held from May 23 - 26, 2024 at Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

October 17-19, 2024

Solea Summit

Solea Summit (formally known as the Solea User Group Meeting) is the premier annual event designed specifically for Solea doctors and team. Our goal is to expand your clinical knowledge, confidence, and effectiveness with Solea. Whether you want to master clinical procedures currently performed with Solea or hope to expand your breadth of procedures, this is the meeting for you!

Upcoming Webinars

April 24, 2024

Elevate Your Pediatric Practice with Laser Dentistry (1 CE)

Discover how the 9.3-micron CO2 all-tissue laser facilitates anesthesia-free, blood-free, and pain-free procedures, [1] elevating the patient and parent dental experience. Dr. Denisse Lasanta will review how the technology enables you to work on everything from enamel to dentin to decay to gingiva, gliding through tissue using a variable-speed foot pedal.

May 8, 2024

Procedural Expansion and Improved Outcomes with Laser Dentistry (1 CE)

In this webinar, Dr. Heather Petroff will discuss the improved clinical, business, and patient outcomes from integrating the 9.3-micron CO2 all-tissue laser. She will review both hard- and soft-tissue clinical cases that demonstrate enhanced treatment results and an elevated patient experience.

May 15, 2024

A to Z on Laser-Assisted Pediatric Frenectomies ( Viva Learning | 1 CE)

In this webinar, Dr. Poplin will review common problems related to tongue-ties and lip-ties, such as breastfeeding, speech, and dental issues. He will then discuss how the 9.3-micron CO2 all-tissue laser enables efficient, precise frenectomies, with minimal bleeding, minimal post-op discomfort and remarkably rapid healing.

June 14, 2024


This comprehensive course is specifically created for pediatric dentists, general dentists, and pediatric medical providers who are interested in understanding and diagnosing RTOTS, as well as being a part of the infant’s health care team. Practical information you can use immediately in your practice.

On-Demand Webinars

Loved by Kids, Preferred by Parents: 9.3-micron CO2 All-Tissue Laser

Jennifer Hechko, DDS

Advancements in Airway Dentistry with the 9.3-Micron CO2 All-Tissue Laser

Anthony Bolamperti, DDS

Integrating Laser Dentistry Into Your Restorative Practice (1 CE)

Michael Kelly, DMD & Viva Learning


Laser Applications in Pediatric Dentistry: Elevating Clinical Excellence (1 CE)

Jenny Jackson, DMD & Viva Learning

Integration of New CO2 Laser Therapy into a Caries Management Program (1 CE)

John Featherstone, MSc, PhD & CDE World

Digital Technology + Solea Elevates Implant Dentistry

Christopher Blair, DDS

Laser-Assisted Functional and Esthetic Crown Lengthening: Elevated Dentistry (1 CE)

Jeff Rohde, DDS & Viva Learning

Elevate Your Implant Dentistry with Digital Technology (1 CE)

Heath Brantley, DDS & Viva Learning

The Practice Multiplier at the Center of Your Digital Practice: 9.3-micron Wavelength CO2 Laser (1 CE)

Heath Brantley, DDS & Viva Learning 

Expanding Your Soft Tissue Possibilities with the 9.3 µm CO2 Laser (1 CE)

Joshua Weintraub, DDS &  Viva Learning 

Dental Lasers: An Experience Loved by Kids, Preferred by Parents (1 CE)

Jenny Jackson, DMD, MPH & CDE World

The 9.3 µm CO2 Laser: A Pediatric Doctor’s Best Friend

Denisse Lasanta, DMD

Nonsurgical Snoring Solution for the Dental Practice

Anthony Bolamperti, DDS

Creating the Ultimate Pediatric Dental Experience: Lasers and Therapy Dogs

Jennifer Hechko, DDS

Indirect Restorations: Greater Control and Accuracy

Matthew Wimmer, DMD

Minimally Invasive Esthetic Crown Lengthening: Increasing Predictability and Efficiency (1 CE)

Scott Froum, DDS & Viva Learning

Transform the Pediatric Patient Experience with Solea

Isaac Tam, DDS

Adding the Benefits of Solea® to your Digital Workflow

Robin Henderson, DDS

Integrating the Solea All-Tissue Laser into your Sleep Practice

Michael S. Pagano, DDS & Alexander T. Vaughan, MS, DDS

Transform Your Practice and Patient Care

Timothy Anderson, DDS

Enabling Your Best Dentistry | Solea Transformation

Timothy Anderson, DSS
Jeffrey Rohde, DDS

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