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A Pediatric Dentist's Perspective on Solea


Perspective from a Pediatric Dentist

ANDREA GAMBLE, DDS | Pediatric Dentist

Andrea Gamble, DDS, is a private practice owner of Local Smile Co. in Redondo Beach, California. She received her Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the University of Washington and a pediatric dentistry specialty degree from the University of Southern California and the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles Advanced Pediatric Dentistry Program. She is a Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry.


As a pediatric dentist, Dr. Gamble recognizes the importance of positive dental experiences in childhood and how they help set the foundation for a lifetime of good oral health and wellness. That’s why she incorporated the Solea dental laser into her practice. According to Dr. Gamble, laser dentistry with Solea meets her goal of delivering the highest quality of care and gives her patients an incredible experience. “Solea is absolutely amazing technology and it’s a complete game changer for dentistry. As a pediatric dentist, Solea has countless benefits for all involved.”

She feels that laser dentistry is going to be the standard of care, especially for pediatric dentistry, since it’s especially important to decrease the need for sedation in young children. “Our patients now get to experience anesthesia-free, restorative dentistry with Solea. If needed, they’re also able to get multiple procedures completed in one visit, and the chair time is actually shorter, which means less time missed from school. In addition, there are no worries about post-anesthesia soft tissue injuries, or children just generally being uncomfortable and upset from being numb,” said Dr. Gamble. She also noticed that with Solea, parents are more relaxed, have a positive attitude, which, in turn, helps calm the child. Dr. Gamble feels that Solea enables her to build strong relationships with her patients and their parents by taking away the major fears of going to the dentist—noise, needle, and numbness.

Moreover, Solea allows Dr. Gamble to treat teeth and the surrounding areas much more conservatively, which is important in dentistry. It is so precise that the dentist is able to remove only the diseased part of the tooth while preserving healthy tooth structure. Also, with Solea, soft tissue procedures heal much faster and there’s less post-op discomfort and less need for anesthesia.

"When asked how their experience was with Solea, the most common answers from my patients are 'It was fun,' 'It felt good,' or 'Umm... I didn't feel anything...' It’s nothing short of wonderful to witness the great experience they received. If you want the very best for your patients, laser dentistry is the key that unlocks the door to unprecedented success,” said Dr. Gamble.


Dr. Gamble purchased Solea nine months after starting her private practice, and thinks it was the best career decision she ever made. “Never did I imagine it would transform my practice. In my opinion, it doesn’t compare to other lasers on the market, and that's why I chose Solea. It is the only dental laser that meets all our clinical needs—the science behind the laser says it all, and Solea delivers what it promises."

Dr. Gamble is not only able to be much more efficient and productive in what she was already doing, but also performs new soft tissue procedures that were previously referred out. “It provides a phenomenal dental experience to both me and my patients and has generated practice growth far beyond anything I imagined.” In the first year with Solea, Dr. Gamble more than doubled her office production and new patient appointments.

Dr. Gamble and the team of Local Smile Co. are very proud to offer the best dental care and services to their patients with laser dentistry and can’t imagine practicing pediatric dentistry without Solea.

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Perspective from a Pediatric Dentist

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