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A New Year Means New Opportunities for Practice Growth


A New Year Means New Opportunities for Practice Growth with Solea®

As we wave "goodbye" to another calendar year and welcome 2019, now is the perfect time to set new goals. If you are a practitioner who is ready to upgrade your performance, you may be thinking "I want to improve patient experiences" or "I want to grow my practice through increased revenue" this year. Good news! If these are some of the resolutions you would like to make and keep, the Solea dental laser is the technology to help you do that.

Solea is the #1 selling all-tissue laser in dentistry, as well as the tool every practitioner is reaching for in the New Year. The reasons why are simple: Solea enhances patient experiences, improves outcomes, increases new referrals, and of course, creates unprecedented practice growth.

When you start 2019 with Solea in your operatory, it is sure to be a year to remember for you and your practice!

Guaranteed ROI

When investing in a technology, the idea is to recoup the cost, but more importantly, earn additional income for your practice. With Solea, you will always be earning more. The difference, though, between other lasers and Solea is while you take on more work, you will essentially be doing less due to maximum efficiency. In fact, the average Solea dentist feels like they are doing less work, but in reality, they do 4-6 more procedures per day. That is what the all-tissue laser can bring to your practice and your life—less stress, more revenue.

In a Dental Economics article on the value of investing in the latest technology, Dr. William Huntzinger talks about why every practitioner should integrate technologies that promote practice growth. Endorsing Solea as a tool that does this perfectly, he says, "Solea is an example of how investing in progressive technology not only benefits our patients but also our practice efficiency and profitability. It works on both hard and soft tissue, and in addition to allowing me to prepare teeth without anesthetic, it enables me to deliver blood-, suture-, and pain-free results to my patients. I’ve since experienced not only improved patient compliance, but dramatic gains in efficiency. I can perform multi quadrant dentistry, and can now offer procedures that we’ve typically referred out to specialists."

In the article, Dr. Huntzinger also reveals that his restorative production from 2015-2016 went up almost 13% and his total office production went up 5.5%—all because of Solea.

Optimal clinical outcomes

After visits, your patients will leave happy with positive experiences because they are not numb, there is no pain, post-op healing is quick, and they can return to work right after their appointments. Thanks to Solea and its anesthesia-free, blood-free, and suture-free capabilities, procedures become amazing to perform. That said, from a clinical standpoint, Solea’s precision in both hard and soft tissue leads to better outcomes in virtually every case.

Hard tissue procedures

Practitioners everywhere love Solea for so many different reasons, but what they especially find invaluable is performing procedures without anesthesia. Just ask Dr. Heath Brantley, who believes everything about dentistry changes once anesthesia is removed.

In Using a Dental Laser to Prep Multiple Teeth Without Local Anesthesia, he discusses his experience with hard tissue procedures, specifically how simple it was to restore one patient’s teeth. Dr. Brantley says, "By using the Solea laser, an injection was not needed, which was one of the biggest concerns for the patient. Because no injection was needed, the patient was able to determine his bite was normal, thereby eliminating a potential follow-up appointment." As a result of the one-visit procedure, everyone won: the patient was not inconvenienced and Dr. Brantley could use the other appointment slots to see other patients.

Soft tissue procedures

When asked, many patients say the needle is the source of fear for them when going to the dentist. However, when treated with Solea, the pinch is no longer part of the equation and neither is the dreaded numbness that lingers for hours afterwards. Another aspect that causes anxiety for patients is the sight of blood, as well as distress from pain and post-op healing. When traditional dentistry is carried out, these are things that can’t be avoided. But with Solea, there is no need to worry.

Soft tissue surgery without local anesthesia, bleeding, or sutures means you do the work rather than refer it out. Solea increases production, provides better outcomes, and delivers an unparalleled zero-anxiety patient experience. For instance, in a crown lengthening case provided by Dr. Timothy Anderson, the patient walked away with a smile as a result of her treatment with Solea. Not only did Dr. Anderson successfully address all her problems, the procedure was performed in-house, there was minimal bleeding with the dental gingivectomy portion, and outcomes were predictable. If a scalpel and sutures were used, the entire surgery would have been a separate 60-minute visit. Solea did it in less than 10 minutes.

Adding Solea to your practice at the beginning of the New Year will be a choice that benefits everyone: you, your patients, and your staff. Doing this will allow you to have a fresh start and notice brand new trends in areas such as patient satisfaction and revenue expansion. The next generation of Solea is its best version yet, and with it any practice can be transformed to its best. Contact Convergent Dental today to start your year’s smartest resolution with Solea!

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