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Makers of the Solea® All-Tissue Laser

Convergent Dental, Inc. is a privately owned dental equipment and technology company. The Company’s flagship product, Solea®, is a breakthrough technology that enables virtually every cavity prep to be performed anesthesia-free, delivering a dental experience that patients prefer. Solea also enables soft tissue procedures that are blood-free and suture-free with minimal post-op discomfort and remarkably rapid healing.

Solea offers a completely different experience for both dentists and patients compared to traditional instruments or earlier laser technology. Solea dramatically increases new patient flow, enables better clinical outcomes, makes you more efficient, and allows you to perform procedures previously referred out.

About Solea
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Unique 9.3 µm CO2 Laser

Our unique 9.3 wavelength is highly absorbed in tooth structure. The result? Solea actually vaporizes enamel (unlike other lasers that slowly chip it away), giving you the power to work anywhere in the oral cavity from any angle with speed and ease. Whether treating virgin teeth, replacing old restorations, or performing soft or osseous tissue procedures, Solea is the right tool for the job.

More About Solea Dentistry

Dentists Love Solea

Solea transforms practices. From cavities to crown lengthenings, Solea helps practices dramatically increase new patient flow, achieve better clinical outcomes, gain efficiencies, and perform procedures previously referred out. Hear from Solea Doctors on why they couldn’t practice without it!

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“What do I love about Solea? What’s not to love about it! Being able to do multiple quadrants of dentistry in one time, no anesthesia, multiple surgical procedures, right at your fingertips. [Patients] get up out of the chair with a smile and say, “Wow, I can’t believe we just did that without having to get a shot!””

Dr. Jason Majors
Jason D. Majors, DMD Family Dentistry
Newbury Township, OH
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“It’s been awesome with Solea! When the procedure is done, the patients just jump out of the chair like nothing happened. When we ask them how it was, they’ll say “It felt like nothing”, “It felt good!”, “It was fun!”. It’s really neat watching them have those experiences.”

Dr. Andrea Gamble
Local Smile Co.
Redondo Beach, CA
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“What drew me the most to Solea was the fact that over 90% of my patients could have their fillings done anesthesia-free, without using the drill. I couldn’t believe it at first. Well now, two and a half years later, we know it’s true.”

Dr. Jeff Rohde
Kendall, Rohde & Associates
Santa Barbara, CA
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“In a short period of time that I’ve been using Solea, we’ve done over 500 procedures and after we have finished we always ask the question, “If you had a choice, would you do Solea again or would you want to do it in the traditional way?”100% of the patients always choose Solea!”

Dr. Yooson Kim
Family Dentistry Morgantown
Morgantown, PA
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“I look at the patient experience as being the most important part, that’s certainly what Solea has brought. I think it’s going to become the standard of care and people come to expect that and then if you don’t have it, that’s what people are going to be looking for.”

Dr. John Herzog
Herzog Aesthetic Family Dental Care
Danvers, MA
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“The one thing I appreciate about the Solea laser is that there’s less aerosol, less air pressure, less splatter. We can get everything done for patients same-day.”

Dental Hygienist
Family Dentistry Group Morgantown, PA
Enjoy the highest degree of control with truly minimally invasive dentistry.
Solea Clinical Benefits >>

Or ask for your local Solea Rep here.

Enjoy the highest degree of control with truly minimally invasive dentistry.
Solea Clinical Benefits >>

Or ask for your local Solea Rep here.

An Experience that Moves Patients

By eliminating the primary causes of patient anxiety (the needle and the drill), Solea delivers a dental experience patients prefer. When needles, numbness, the sound of the drill, and the pain are all removed from the experience, two important things happen: 1) Patients never settle for a traditional experience again, and 2) They encourage their family and friends to experience the same.

More on Restorative Dentistry
  • Patient_Growth
    Patient Growth

    Experience significant new patient growth, a dramatic reduction in patient attrition, and higher rates of treatment acceptance.

  • Clinica_Excellency
    Clinical Excellency

    Minimally invasive dentistry with minimal post-op discomfort and remarkably rapid healing.

  • Increased_Efficiency
    Increased Efficiency

    By eliminating anesthesia, Solea removes obstacles that slow you down and limit what you can accomplish in a single visit.

  • New_Procedures
    New Procedures

    Perform soft and osseous tissue procedures because they are simple, fast, and minimally invasive.


All-Tissue Laser: A Cut Above

Solea operates at a unique wavelength with sophisticated, yet simple computer controls that enable high-speed, precision cutting on both hard and soft tissue. Solea works on everything from enamel to dentin to gingiva to bone.

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