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The Solea® Steps to Building a Successful Dental Practice!


The Solea® Steps to Building a Successful Dental Practice

Every practice has the potential to be transformed into a business set up for success. It just takes the right steps. The key to achieving success that makes a distinct difference for you and your patients is increased efficiency. When you become truly efficient, everything changes: procedures are performed faster and have better clinical outcomes; you are rewarded with more time back into your day; and most importantly, a higher quality of patient care is established.

You may be thinking, “How do I become efficient – where do I begin?” and we are here to tell you that increased efficiency starts with Solea. After you have integrated the 9.3 µm CO2 all-tissue dental laser, simply follow the steps below to a thriving practice and growing patient base.

Step one: Perform reliably anesthesia-free dentistry—the game changer

Thanks to the advanced science inside Solea, the result is reliably anesthesia-free dentistry. This clinical feature is especially mind-blowing for practitioners because once they experience it firsthand, they can’t imagine their day-to-day without Solea.

If you have been performing traditional dentistry and anesthetizing patients all along, you may not be aware of the difference working anesthesia-free makes. For instance, think of the time spent preparing patients. First you have to calm them down, which could take several minutes. Then you have to wait for the anesthesia to set in. Not to mention, if they need an additional injection, you have to repeat the process.

With the anesthesia and its inefficient process eliminated, you no longer have time to lose—only time to gain. This means you can see additional appointments per day and spend more one-on-one time with patients, showing them you care and focusing on what is most valuable. This will undoubtedly help build your reputation as not only a Solea dentist, but also as a dentist that patients can trust and feel comfortable with.

One Solea dentist, Dr. Christine Skordeles, was so greatly impacted by the elimination of anesthesia that she wrote the article, "How an All-Tissue Laser Changed the Life of My Practice." In it, she discusses how little a role anesthesia now plays in hard-tissue procedures, such as fillings and crown preps, which used to require an injection every time. She also shares one of her anesthesia-free cases to demonstrate why Solea is perfect for patients who can’t be anesthetized due to medical reasons.

Step two: Complete hard-tissue and soft-tissue procedures more effectively

Using Solea, you will be able to perform different types of procedures more effectively, no matter how complex they are. Not only will Solea enhance the work you were doing before, it will also allow you to keep most procedures in-house. Instead of ignoring the problem or turning away cases, you will be able to perform, for instance, higher paying soft-tissue surgeries including crown lengthenings, frenectomies, gingivectomies, and aphthous ulcers yourself. With new capabilities and new streams of revenue, just wait and see how quickly your practice grows and how many more patients you can accommodate.

After integrating Solea, Dr. Daniel Haghighi understands just how practice-changing the technology is. From increased efficiency to more clinical freedom, his repair of an osseous defect on a #5 implant case shows exactly why Solea is the industry’s #1 selling all-tissue laser.

This is the type of case many practitioners choose to refer out, as it is not always time- or cost-effective. For instance, scrubbing the implant surface with gauze and then debriding the area with curettes alone takes substantial time. With Solea, there is no need to do either. During the procedure, Dr. Haghighi was also able to cut the tissue quickly and precisely with Solea, as well as keep the debridement fairly minimally invasive. He was proud of the outcome, and the patient was thankful for a speedy recovery without complications.

Attracting new patients and ensuring the ones you have stay loyal to your practice

Anesthesia-free dentistry and simpler, efficient procedures are advantages that improve how you work and increase patient flow. These advantages also change how your patients feel about you and your practice. Whether we are talking about new patients who heard about you via word of mouth, or current patients who have been coming to you for years, Solea is the tool to get them in the door and keep them in your chair for good.

New patients are seeing you because they didn’t like the experience at their prior dentist, and current ones stay with you because they know the kind of care you provide. Regardless, they will all love the anxiety-free visits with Solea, knowing they no longer have to feel the painful pinch of a needle or hear the disturbing sound of the drill.

Not to mention, since the majority of procedures won’t require anesthesia, patients can head back to work, school, and other activities as soon as possible. They will be happy that discomfort, numb faces, and waiting to eat or drink are things of the past; and you will be happy to see a smiling, rapidly growing patient base.

Now that you know how to build a successful practice that attracts new patients and keeps current ones there for life, are you going to do it? When you are ready, contact Convergent Dental to find out more about the Solea dental laser and what it can help you achieve!

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