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Solea® is Dentistry’s #1 Selling All-Tissue Dental Laser


Solea® Laser and the Key to a Successful ROI

As a practitioner, it is important to not only make smart investments, but to also spend your hard earned money on technologies that you can believe in. A good example of a technology that deserves your investment and trust is one that helps make your job simpler, as well as adds efficiency to workflow and benefits your patients—the Solea dental laser. Any great technology purchase should also deliver an ROI and beyond that, act as the catalyst to revenue expansion and success from now into the future.

Solea is a breakthrough laser technology that provides a completely unique experience for you and your patients. It will make your day easier, while driving dramatic practice growth through elimination of anesthesia, bleeding, and discomfort during procedures. In other words, the Solea dental laser is the investment that you have every reason to believe in and trust, making it a phenomenal technology to include in your operatory. Once you do, you will enjoy a manageable workday and notice an increase in production, all because you removed the unnecessary steps that used to slow you down when your procedures were not anesthesia-free, blood-free, suture-free, and pain-free.

Does Solea ensure a fast ROI? The answer is yes!

The only thing better than owning a technology that guarantees you every penny back is perhaps being able to predict your patients' experiences and anticipate exceptional results every time. With Solea, you can have both: happier patients and peace of mind knowing your practice revenue will only increase with every smile you create.

Solea is the #1 selling all-tissue laser in the dental industry, and its extraordinary reputation has everything to do with its clinical capabilities responsible for better outcomes and practice growth. In "Your Accountant may be Wrong about New Technologies," Dr. Heath Brantley can't say enough about what it means to add the right technologies to one's practice, using Solea as the example that has helped him achieve a 300% revenue surge.

Dr. Brantley says, "Fifteen months after my [Solea] purchase, my revenues and my practice have grown to support a full-time associate who started early 2018, and a part-time associate who started in early 2019. This has allowed me to go from working more than 20 days a month to 13 days a month of clinical practice." Earlier in the article, he mentions the "what if?" surrounding if he had never adopted Solea, noting it would have cost him a massive 60% revenue increment in just his first year. The practitioner goes on to say, "I can't imagine what it would have cost me over three years… What about compounding that amount over the next few decades?"

Why Solea, why now?

Next to ROI certainty and practice growth are Solea's many amazing clinical capabilities that pave the way to incredible financial results. From the patient perspective, Solea takes the fear and anxiety out of going to the dentist. From your perspective, Solea will forever transform how you approach and perform procedures.

Anesthesia-free surgeries when it comes to cavity preps, dental frenectomies, and virtually any other hard or soft tissue case are now a reality with Solea. Taking away the anesthesia alone offers invaluable advantages, as this removes obstacles that limit what you can do in one visit. Not to mention, it won't be necessary to calm patients down, inject them, and leave the operatory while they get numb anymore. The time savings will be an incredible asset for you who can see more appointments per day, and patients who will be back on the road to school or work quickly, without numb faces or post-op pain.

No matter where you are in your journey as a practitioner, there is no time like the present to invest in Solea. Regardless if you just graduated dental school, have been practicing for several years, or are ready for retirement, now is the right moment to change the dental experience for yourself, your patients, and your practice.

Dr. Michael Kelly is one practitioner who understands Solea's impact on the dental experience. Sharing his insight on the CO2 laser in "How to Improve the Patient Experience with Solea," he says, "[Solea] is hands down the best piece of technology I've ever put in my office." When discussing why, he speaks to his ability to perform procedures without the needle or injection. Dr. Kelly reveals, "With Solea, about 98 percent of the time patients get out of the chair and say, ‘That was amazing. I didn't feel anything.' We don't have a numb patient when we're trying to check occlusion, and we don't have to worry about a 4-year-old chewing on his lip because he's numb."

Not only are his patients astounded by the experience, Dr. Kelly also can't believe how the most advanced laser dentistry on the market changes his day-to-day routine. That said, Dr. Kelly reports more patient loyalty which helps keep his practice growing, and loves how Solea lets him start treatment almost immediately after patients sit in the chair—"I explain what I'm doing, pick up the laser, and go to work. It's not unusual for me to finish the procedure before I would have even picked up the drill to start."

Investing in Solea is truly a win, win, win: you benefit by performing far better dentistry, your patients are introduced to an anxiety-free experience, and your practice will grow faster than you could ever imagine. Contact Convergent Dental today to put Solea in your practice and start securing all these great benefits as soon as possible!

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