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Another Successful Year with the Solea®


Another Successful Year with Solea® and Anesthesia-Free Dentistry

As we close the book on 2019, we celebrate another 12 months of achievements. Not only are these achievements reflections of Solea itself and Convergent Dental, but they also represent how far the industry has come, and the forward thinking of dentists who choose to transform the dental experience for patients and themselves.

Among lasers, the 9.3 µm CO2 all-tissue dental laser, Solea is in a category of its own when it comes to design, use, and how it dramatically changes the way dentistry is performed and received. Solea’s success can be attributed to its reliably anesthesia-free capabilities, efficiency, and, most importantly, promise to reverse dental phobia for anxious and apprehensive patients. Solea would not have its reputation as the #1 selling all-tissue laser without support from the Solea dentists around the country who use and swear by the difference it makes.

Whether you already own Solea, or are looking to revamp your practice and patient care, we invite you to look back at some of the best Solea moments from the last 365 days.

Disrupting mainstream news and making headlines again

Over the years, Solea has made the news many times, and 2019 was no different. One of our favorite pieces of coverage comes from New Haven, Connecticut, where Dr. Renee Kurtz was featured for being a dentist who uses advanced laser technology.

When asked about Solea and its dynamic performance, Dr. Kurtz says, “I can do fillings, crown restorations, and gum tissue work with no lidocaine and no drill. It’s amazing. It’s really changed my practice, and it’s changed the way my patients view dentistry.” One patient, EJ, also appears in the video clip. Offering the opposite perspective of someone who sits in the dental chair, he briefly discusses how the elimination of anesthesia affects him. When it comes to post-op recovery, for instance, EJ mentions being able to drink “without dribbling” and also says he can talk “normally” immediately. “Prior when he had a filling, the needle was always required and he was left numb for hours after the procedure was finished. Well, not anymore! With Solea, the elimination of anesthesia also results in shorter chairtime for the patient, resulting in faster appointments. All those saved minutes add up, and allow us to treat more patients than we possibly could if we had to wait for the lidocaine to take effect.”

Solea dentists Dr. John Krupka, Dr. Bobbi Augustyn, and Dr. David Knight were also featured on their local news channels. Check out Dr. Krupka’s coverage here, and Dr. Augustyn’s and Dr. Knight’s combined coverage here.

Expanding the Solea anesthesia-free dentistry movement

Since Solea’s groundbreaking introduction to dentistry, we have been fortunate to build strong relationships with distribution leaders Patterson Dental and Benco Dental. In 2019 we added another giant, Henry Schein, as a third partner, growing the Convergent Dental family and allowing more dentists the opportunity to improve and grow their practice with Solea.

Whether we are referring to the partnership between Convergent Dental and Henry Schein, Patterson Dental, or Benco Dental, they all make sense because of the shared goal: improve the dental experience. That said, Solea is a perfect addition to any one of these distributors’ product lines because it was developed to revolutionize how professionals work and how patients feel about going to the dentist.

On the dentist side, Solea is a clinical game changer and practice builder. It is a highly advantageous tool for the privately owned practice that prides itself on completing dental procedures quickly so more one-on-one time can be spent building patient relationships; or the group practice that wants to keep patient flow as rapid as possible. On the patient side, Solea is the answer to anxiety-free visits. When you virtually remove the needle, bleeding, pain, and a long post-op recovery process, patients will continue to trust and value you—and only you—as their dentist now and in the future.

Getting to know Solea dentists through success stories

At Convergent Dental, a new year to us means new opportunity to take Solea even further. For instance, in 2018 we announced the Next Generation of Solea® and in 2019, we saw the effects of this advancement in the form of inspiring success stories.

One dentist in particular who joined the Solea Nation this year is Dr. Christine Skordeles, a New York City general practitioner who learned about Solea at the 2018 Greater New York Dental Meeting. As she shares in “How an All-Tissue Laser Changed the Life of My Practice,” a sales representative took her to the Convergent Dental booth, put Solea in her hand, and the rest was history.

Based on what we know, dentists who use Solea instantly fall in love with it, and Dr. Skordeles’ experience was all the same. Attesting to Solea being a true all-tissue laser, which works just as precisely on bone as it does gingiva, she believes there is no other dental laser technology that compares to Solea’s cutting and overall performance. In the same article, the GP says, “[Solea] prepares teeth, both enamel and dentin, to the precision of cutting 20 percent of one micron, which translates to 200 nanometers. That is the game changer. What previous instrument do we have with the precision of 200 nm?”

Heading into the New Year, we leave behind remembering some of the best Solea moments yet, and taking with us the commitment to keep doing more for dentists and their patients. This means more anesthesia-free dentistry with an even greater user experience; more opportunity for practice growth through efficient dental procedures; and more fear- and anxiety-free visits for patients. If you are a Solea dentist, thank you for another unforgettable 12 months. If you are interested in adopting Solea, contact Convergent Dental and we will help make 2020 the best year for your practice!

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