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Practice Success and Patient Care: Solea® Makes a BIG Difference for Both


Practice Success and Patient Care: Solea® Makes a BIG Difference

If you are like most practitioners, you go to work every day with two questions on your mind: "how can I make my patients even happier than they already are?" and "how can I take my practice to new levels—clinically and from a business standpoint?" Well, Convergent Dental has the answer to both and it is Solea, the number one selling all-tissue dental laser.

It is not a secret that patient care and day-to-day practice workflow don’t always go hand in hand. For instance, let’s say you see a patient with dental caries in more than one tooth and quadrant. With traditional tools, you could only remove some of the decay from one quadrant in one appointment. This would be a major inconvenience for your patient, as he or she would have to schedule a second (and potentially third and fourth) visit for the rest of the treatment. Unfortunately, a scenario like this is very common with non-Solea dentistry and it doesn’t increase satisfaction or enhance the patient experience. It also won’t help you gain revenue or grow your practice.

However, with Solea on your side, the above will likely never transpire. In fact, the opposite will happen: the dental experience transforms, which leads to less attrition and more of your patients recommending your practice. Current patients will stay in your joe fortune casino bonus practice as a result of the fast, convenient dental visits that are virtually anesthesia-free, pain-free, and anxiety-free. Plus, they will be more inclined to recommend family members and friends. In addition, you will achieve the practice growth you have been waiting for. Why? Because you will work faster, have time to see more patients, and multiply the number of procedures you do daily.

The Solea difference is…

Convergent Dental CEO, Mike Cataldo, spoke to Dental Products Report in "How to Improve Patient Outcomes with Dental Lasers." First, he shares how Solea makes a difference clinically, saying, "Solea is the only CO2 9.3μm laser cleared by the FDA for hard, soft, and osseous tissue treatments." In respect to the all-tissue laser’s unique wavelength, he continues by explaining, "[the wavelength] is what enables Solea dentists to perform more than 80 different procedures from cavity preps of any size to soft tissue surgeries that would otherwise be referred out to specialists."

Solea was developed to be different in that it’s virtually anesthesia-free, blood-free, suture-free, noise-free, and pain-free, making treatment simpler for practitioners and anxiety-free for patients, but that is not all. In the same article, Mike Cataldo also speaks to patient experience and indirectly to practice benefits, revealing that, "[We] designed Solea to improve the procedures that dentists do every day. Solea allows them to do the things they already do faster and with a much better patient experience." That said, the less obvious but just as significant Solea difference is: you are guaranteed to improve patient care and have practice success as the CO2 laser was developed to promote clinical performance, which in turn makes care better and ends in benefits for the practice.

Practitioners believe in the Solea difference because it is proven

One practitioner who has experienced the Solea difference and how it impacts patient care and practice growth is Dr. Heath Brantley. Sharing the details of one of his cases in "How to Complete a Class II Restoration without Anesthesia," the North Carolina practitioner discusses how the Solea dental laser allowed him to effortlessly remove caries and restore his patient’s tooth, all while keeping her comfort top of mind.

When referring to patient experience, Dr. Brantley says, "Excluding the shot and the drill from routine procedures changes apprehensive patients’ perspective of dental visits… When the appointment takes a mere 10 minutes from start to finish, it’s over before the patient is even aware that it has started." This is fantastic for the patient and also affects practice workflow, allowing Dr. Brantley to do more with his time. He continues, "Shorter appointment times also increase my practice productivity by enabling me to see more patients per day and perform more procedures in one visit. I used to hate seeing even a single Class II on the schedule. We would schedule 30 minutes for those to make them profitable… and it occasionally took 40-50 minutes to complete. That means the patient occupied the chair three to four times longer than he or she does now."

Dr. Brantley no longer thinks of the single Class II as a "burden." Because of Solea, this type of procedure can be efficiently performed and he even calls it "the most profitable procedure" in his practice. From a financial standpoint, he typically completes $1,000 to $1,200 worth of fillings out of one patient visit per hour with Solea. Patients love how quickly they are in and out of the chair, he loves the new level of productivity, and his practice revenue is at an all-time high.

With Solea, you won’t just be performing procedures virtually anesthesia-free and saving your patients from the needle, bleeding, and pain, essentially removing all the negative factors. You will also be adding a technology that goes beyond clinical excellence to forever change the perceptions of your patients and the value of your practice. If you are ready to start making a difference in how you perform dentistry, contact Convergent Dental today and ask about Solea!

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