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Eliminate Needles and Bleeding with the Solea®


Say Happy New Year to your Patients with the Solea® Dental Laser

It’s resolution time! Here are some dental New Year’s resolutions we often hear from patients: 1) Brush two times, two minutes per day, 2) Floss every day, 3) Visit my dentist at least twice a year. As a dental professional, what’s your dental resolution to your patients? A great start is to make a commitment to learn about Solea® and how it can differentiate your practice by offering reliably anesthesia-free, blood-free, suture-free, and pain-free dentistry. The versatility of procedures you will be able to offer your patients, and the impact it has on the patient experience is what makes Solea a truly revolutionary evolution in dental instrumentation.

Patients are Talking about the Solea Experience

Using a dental drill can be a traumatic experience for your patients. Even with the application of an anesthetic, the vibration associated with the drill can cause pain and discomfort. So naturally when patients experience Solea without being numb for restorative work, they get in and out of appointments in just minutes and back to their day—that is a dental experience worth talking about.

Dentists Perform Procedures, with Ease and Precision

Solea is significantly less invasive than using traditional tools like the drill or scalpel. The laser reliably delivers anesthesia-free, blood-free, and pain-free results by utilizing a narrow beam of light. It enables clinicians to perform hard and soft-tissue procedures with precision, speed, and ease. For hard-tissue procedures Solea vaporizes enamel, giving dentists the power to work anywhere in the oral cavity. For soft-tissue procedures, it allows dentists to feather into cuts, with minimal bleeding, faster healing time, and less post-operative discomfort.

Why Solea Stands Above the Rest

Dentistry is a production business and nothing kills production more than stopping. You stop and wait while a patient gets numb. Anesthesia stops you from working in multiple quadrants. Bleeding makes you stop until it stops. Becoming a Solea laser dentist allows dentists to maximize production because it eliminates all the stopping.

Adopting the Solea laser into your workflow can play an integral role in allaying many apprehensions associated with traditional drilling, which leads to amplified patient satisfaction and retention. Solea proves advantageous for both clinicians and patients. For clinicians—Solea augments case acceptance, specifically when it comes to soft-tissue procedures many general dentists previously had to refer out. Solea allows clinicians to skillfully treat gingivectomies, frenectomies, and other complex soft-tissue cases easily and quickly. In fact there are over 100 procedures Solea dentists perform. What’s more, we engineered Solea for any dentist and the technology requires minimal training to achieve this versatility. Solea bolsters production by enabling dentists to get more done in fewer appointments—and patients love the convenience.

Make your 2018 New Year’s resolution to learn more about Solea and how this revolutionary dental instrument can impact your practice and the patient experience.

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