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Use of Laser Therapy in Amalgam Tattoo Removal

Marc Cohn, DDS, Brad J. Wall, DMD, Gregory M. Schuster, DDS, MEd and Rafael Morales, DMD

Clinical Studies

Use of Laser Therapy in Amalgam Tattoo Removal

Marc Cohn, DDS, Brad J. Wall, DMD, Gregory M. Schuster, DDS, MEd and Rafael Morales, DMD

CO2 Laser Sequestrectomy for Osteoradionecrosis: A Case Se...

Jesse R. Qualliotine, Andrew Yousef, Ryan K. Orosco, Mathilde Fugere, Frederic J. Kolb, Thanos Kristallis, and Katya Archambault

9.3-μm CO2 laser: Carbonate removal and demineralization

Ali Badreddine, PhD Vijayashankar Ramareddy, PhD and Charles Kerbage, PhD

Case Report of Spongiotic Gingivitis in an Adult Male

Eugenia P. Roberts, DDS Gregory M. Schuster, DDS Steven Haub, DDS

Patient & Clinician Experiences When Using a CO2 Laser for...

Gregory Schuster , Marc Cohn, Gina Agostini-Walesch, Alexander Carroll and John C. Mitchell

Use of 9.3µm CO2 Laser for Removal of Zirconia Restoration...

Call G, Kugel G, Jain S, Tran D, Dunn K and Papathanasiou A

Demineralization Inhibition by High-Speed Scanning of 9.3µ...

Ali H. Badreddine, Stephen Couitt, Julia Donovan, Roni Cantor-Balan, Charles Kerbage, and Peter Rechmann

Computational Tracking of Dental Splatter

Crawley R, Badreddine A, Kerbage C and Mizner M

Fissure caries inhibition with a CO2 9.3-µm short-pulsed l...

Peter Rechmann & Maxwell Kubitz & Benjamin W. Chaffee1 & Beate M. T. Rechmann

Histopathological and biomechanical changes in soft palate

Ali H. Badreddine & Stephen Couitt & Charles Kerbage

Effect of 9.3μm CO2 Laser and Fluoride on Shear Bond Stren...

Tran D, Afutu R, Heitmiller S, Dunn K and Kugel G

Laser-Assisted Periodontal Therapy with a 9.3-μm CO2 Laser...

Myron Nevins, Marc L Nevins, Stefano Parma-Benfenati, Marisa Roncati, Peter Schupbach, Chia-Yu Chen, Cosmin Sava, Catalin Sava, Mihaela Trifan, David ...

The effect of CO2 9.3 μm short-pulsed laser irradiation in...

C. V. Silva & T. F. Mantilla & Y. Engel & J. P. Tavares & P. M. Freitas & P. Rechmann

In vitro CO2 9.3-μm short-pulsed laser caries prevention

Peter Rechmann & C. Q. Le & R. Kinsel & C. Kerbage & B. M. T. Rechmann

Thermal Testing of Titanium Implants Irradiated With 9.3um...

Scott H. Froum, DDS, Roni Cantor-Balan, MS, Charles Kerbage, PhD, and Stuart J. Froum, DDS

Influence Of Irradiation By A Novel CO2 9.3 micron Short-P...

P. Rechmann & K. Sherathiya & R. Kinsel & R. Vaderhobli & B. M. T. Rechmann

Caries Inhibition With a CO2 9.3mm Laser: An In Vitro Stud...

Caries Inhibition With a CO2 9.3mmLaser: An In Vitro Study

Thermal Effects on Pulp Due to Laser and Handpiece Usage

Written by Christina Penn, Christopher Beninati, Alissa Mariano, Daniel Dooley, Masly Harsono DMD, Ronald Perry DMD, MS and Gerard Kugel DMD, MS, PhD

High-speed Scanning Ablation of Dental Tissues with a 9.3-...

By: Daniel Nguyen, Michal Staninec, Chulsung Lee, and Daniel Fried, University of California, San Francisco

9.3µm Laser: Pulpal Safety during Ablation of Tooth Occlus...

By: Michal Staninec, Cynthia L. Darling, Harold E. Goodis, Daniel Pierre, Darren P. Cox, Kenneth Fan, Michael Larson, and Daniel Fried (UCSF)

Fundamental Interactions of Lasers with Dental Hard Tissue...

By: John D.B. Featherstone and Daniel Fried, Department of Preventative & Restorative Dental Sciences, UCSF

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