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“They Said What?”—Five of the Greatest Quotes about Solea®


“They Said What?”—Five of the Greatest Quotes about Solea®

Solea is a true breakthrough in dental laser technology that delivers a completely different experience for both you and your patients versus traditional instruments or any laser before. Prior to Solea, there was a need for a dental laser that could do everything, such as efficiently perform on all tissue types while ensuring anesthesia-free procedures. After the all-tissue dental laser was developed and the industry had its first glimpse of what it could do, the reaction surpassed anything ever imagined. With a technology so revolutionary and so unique from what was already available, the dental profession transformed almost overnight. Practitioners found new certainty in delivering care and patients could permanently cross "going to the dentist" off their list of fears and anxieties.

Now after several years on the market, Solea has become the preferred laser for many different types of practitioners, including those in specialty areas, prior erbium and diode users, and CAD/CAM experts. That said, it is no wonder blood-free and pain-free dentistry with Solea has made its way into dental practice after practice. This shows Solea is exactly the solution that was missing and the testimonials are just further proof.

Quote #1: Dr. Andrea Gamble in "Improving Pediatric Laser Dentistry with Solea"
"I integrated Solea into my practice to offer an improved patient experience without anesthesia, which is so important for children. I only hoped Solea would make my practice grow and changeit for the better. Never did I imagine it would actually transform my practice." —Dr. Andrea Gamble (Dental Products Report)

When it comes to Solea’s anesthesia-free and pain-free procedures, the patient experience radically changes. However, with the pediatric patient experience, there are no words to describe the difference Solea makes. For children, one painful injection could potentially create a fear that they carry with them forever. As a practitioner determined to provide her young patients with high-quality care and reduce any anxiety they may have, Dr. Gamble knew Solea was the dental laser to help her do both.

Quote #2: Dr. Lawrence A. Kotlow in "Convergent Dental’s Game-Changing CO2 Laser is truly an All-Tissue Instrument, Efficiently Cutting Soft Tissue, Teeth, and Bone"
"Among the notable software upgrades it has already made, Convergent Dental is continually adding and changing spot patterns and sizes, which translates into faster cutting, less sensitivity, and easier operation. Some have increased cutting speed up to tenfold. I recently treated a 4-year-old patient with four deep Class IIs. After 20 minutes in the chair and no anesthesia, he left with a smile and went right back to school with no numbness or chemicals." —Dr. Lawrence A. Kotlow (Dental Products Report)

A former user of erbium and diode dental lasers, Dr. Kotlow was initially unsure about adopting Solea, as he assumed he could perform all of his procedures with the other lasers. After trying the CO2 laser, he quickly realized there was no comparison. When working with a new technology, readily available software upgrades are important because they help improve performance. Knowing this, Convergent Dental is always focused on coming out with new Solea updates and Dr. Kotlow loves that. Additionally, the practitioner is a fan of Solea’s simplicity and how it allows him to complete cases faster, more efficiently, and virtually in the push of a button.

Quote #3: Dr. Andrew Spector in "The Ways the Solea Dental Laser Impacts my Practice and my Workflow"
"More than a year into my all-tissue laser journey, I have discovered all of these wonderful features and benefits along the way by using my Solea. When a technology actually does what it says, it is truly transcendent. The growth in our practice in all areas is undeniable. This is because of the predictability of Solea’s wavelength technology. It provides anesthesia-free care in an ultra-efficient manner that continues to greatly benefit my practice and patients." —Dr. Andrew Spector (Dentalcompare)

To call a technology "great" or "phenomenal" is one thing, but to use the word "transcendent" shows the level of belief Dr. Spector has in the Solea Dental Laser. Similar to Dr. Kotlow, Dr. Spector used various lasers before finding the one that delivered on all its promises; and the reason Solea can is a result of the science inside. That said, Solea’s unique wavelength and sophisticated computer-aided delivery system allows you to work without anesthesia for virtually every cavity prep you do, not just selected classes or depths like previous all-tissue lasers, all at the same cutting speed as a drill. The wavelength is also responsible for delivering an immediate analgesic effect to patients who can leave their appointments without that lingering, uncomfortable numbness from the injection.

Quote #4: Dr. Timothy Anderson in "Mandibular Frenectomies made Simple"
"Before using this laser, I never would have imagined completing these types of procedures with such precision and predictability. The patients are no longer intimidated by the procedure and my team loves the laser’s ease of use. Having the right technology, which encompasses such diversity in cutting, enables me to take an often referred-out procedure and now provide a safe, simple, quality service to my patients." —Dr. Timothy Anderson (Dentaltown)

When traditional instruments are replaced with Solea, you will be able to perform procedures that you wouldn’t have been able to prior and they will be simpler and faster to complete. For instance, you can easily perform soft tissue surgeries, such as dental frenectomies, without injections, bleeding, sutures, or discomfort. One practitioner used to performing frenectomies is Dr. Anderson. He has noticed how Solea lets him take on this procedure with greater confidence and predictability, leading to better patient outcomes. Not to mention, the injection of anesthesia becomes unnecessary; and without the needle, you just sit down and get started, and work in all four quadrants if you want. This allows for considerable time savings that benefit the patient who can get back to his or her day, and the practitioner who will be able to schedule more appointments.

Quote #5: Dr. Scott Pope in "Incorporating Laser Dentistry into Your Practice"
"While CO2 lasers are the industry standard for soft-tissue procedures, my 9.3 µm CO2 laser allows me to ablate all tissues without having complicated settings to change. It's as simple as turning it on, directing the beam at the desired tissue and stepping on the variable-speed foot pedal. This simple approach has significantly increased efficiency in my office and also has provided the confidence I need to perform procedures I would have likely referred out in the past." —Dr. Scott Pope (Dentaltown)

Accustomed to a seamless, digital workflow, Dr. Pope is an advanced CAD/CAM professional with a passion for dental technology. Knowing Solea would be the ideal complement to his practice, Dr. Pope fell in love with the user experience, and more importantly, the experience for his patients. Not only was the CO2 dental laser simple to integrate with his other technologies, he was also blown away by Solea’s performance. To this day, he and his staff still get excited about the number of new procedures that can be offered to patients with anesthesia-, blood-, and pain-free delivery.

Each practitioner mentioned had a different experience with Solea, but what they shared in common was an instant satisfaction with its application, happier patients, and practice growth. Create your own experience with Solea by contacting Convergent Dental and adding dentistry’s #1 selling dental laser to your practice today.

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