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A Year in Review with Convergent Dental


A Year in Review with Convergent Dental and the Solea® Dental Laser

As 2017 comes to a close and we get ready to enter a new year once again, it only seems fitting to look back on the moments that helped to make 2017 such an extraordinary time for Convergent Dental and of course, the Solea® Dental Laser.

With the coming and going of the years, we have witnessed our company change, grow, and accomplish more than we could have ever imagined. From our big move to Needham, Massachusetts and the launch of our educational website for patients (, to the influx of product appearances across major news channels, adoption of Solea by a multitude of new practitioners, and a 40% employee acquisition increase, we say with confidence that Convergent Dental has truly helped pave the way for a different kind of dentistry this year.

We are excited to highlight five of our greatest achievements, and by the end of the post, we hope you will understand why we are so proud of our company and the all-tissue laser that has made a difference in both the lives of dentists and our own.

Solea software evolution

In combination with being known for its sleek look, ease-of-use, and clinical excellence within the dental practice, the Solea Dental Laser is also celebrated for its milestone technology updates that continue to impress practitioners who believe that after this one, it can’t possibly get any better—but yet with each upgrade, it does.

This year, Convergent Dental proudly announced that we were on track to complete not one but two software releases that would once again take the practitioner-patient experience to a level beyond what it already was. With these incredible nuances, the CO2 dental laser would now have the ability to cut even more precisely, facilitate a quicker onset of analgesia, and make it even more effortless to tackle hard and soft tissue procedures.

Ultimately, all updates to Solea are a testament to our dedication to delivering the most advanced and user-friendly technology to practitioners as well as our mission to keep raising the bar for laser dentistry.

KOL endorsements

In 2017, Andrew Spector, DMD, FAGD, FICOI, of Haworth, NJ and William Huntzinger, DDS, of Swanton, OH spoke of their Solea advocacy in articles developed for two major dental publications: Dentistry Today and Dental Economics.

In Dr. Spector’s “The Benefits of Using a CO2 All-Tissue Laser in Dentistry” (Dentistry Today), the practitioner and professor of surgical and prosthetic implantology mentions the abundant advantages that come with adopting Solea, including how the dental laser has provided a solution to the problem of delivering “reliably anesthesia-free dentistry” and its overall ability to guide the practitioner to an immaculate prep that allows for a seamless restoration.

The nationally esteemed speaker also praises Solea for what it has done for his practice’s productivity, stating “incorporating this dental laser into my workflow has produced substantial growth in our practice, not just from new patients but from an efficiency, workflow, and production standpoint” and adds how he can now work in multiple quadrants simultaneously.

In Dr. Huntzinger’s “Investing in the Latest Technology in the Later Years of Practice” (Dental Economics), Ohio’s well-known practitioner discusses all of the technology investments he has made and specifically references that of Solea and how it is his “latest tool for success.”

Throughout the article, he talks about how the dental laser benefits patients, as well as practice efficiency and profitability; and with respect to the latter, he goes on to emphasize how his return on investment (ROI) has never been so remarkable. In fact, once he saw his finances soar in 2015-2016, he made the decision to purchase four more.

Deloitte’s 2017 Technology Fast 500™

This year, Convergent Dental ranked 77th on Deloitte’s 2017 Technology Fast 500 list, earning a spot next to other rapidly growing technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences, and energy technology companies in North America.

We grew exponentially with a 2002 percent increase in revenue which also put us at 2nd place in the medical device category. That said, with such an impressive overall expansion since the company’s inception in 2011, the plan for the future is to only continue growing and reaching new heights for the practitioners who have helped us get here today.

Convergent Dental goes worldwide

In 2016, Convergent Dental entered into a strategic partnership with North American dental products, equipment, and technology distributor, Patterson Dental and it was an incredible success. Now in 2017, we have gone a step further and oceans over to attain another goal: adding the Solea Dental Laser to international markets.

Earlier in the year, Patterson Dental began selling Solea in Canada and then in February, we announced our latest partnership with the leading Korean distributor, MEDIS SLU who immediately began distribution across the whole Republic of Korea.

Now that we are in two additional countries, our product will be introduced to a much larger population of practitioners by experienced Canadian and Korean sales representatives who believe in Solea just as much as we do here in the United States.

Solea by the numbers

At six years old, Convergent Dental is still relatively young; but in those six, short years, we have seen our company flourish due to Solea sales. As enthusiastic as that makes us, we are even more inspired by the rising number of practitioners who try the Solea Dental Laser and love it—which is what keeps us motivated.

As of December 2017, we are pleased to disclose that Solea can now be found in more practices across the globe than ever before. With double the customer base this year, we have surpassed 2016 and are certain that the count will only keep climbing.

When asked about the 2002 percent rate of growth, Convergent Dental’s Michael Cataldo accredited it to two factors: product performance and commitment to customer success.

“What sets our company apart from others in the field is our devotion to continuously give more to practitioners, their patients, and dentistry in general—which is why we are certain that 2018 will be all the more unforgettable.” In the meantime, if you are looking for a new year’s resolution, make it laser dentistry! Contact Convergent Dental today to add Solea to your practice.

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