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Patients prefer fillings without a needle or a drill.

Solea® is a breakthrough technology that enables virtually every cavity prep to be performed anesthesia-free, delivering a dental experience patients prefer. Solea also enables soft tissue procedures that are blood-free and suture-free with minimal post-op discomfort and remarkably rapid healing.

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Changing How People Think of the Dentist

By eliminating anesthesia for hard tissue procedures and enabling you to easily perform soft tissue procedures, Solea dramatically increases new patient flow, enables better clinical outcomes, makes you more efficient, and allows you to perform procedures you previously referred out. And now with the addition of Solea® Sleep (a simple, fast, non-surgical snoring therapy that tightens the soft palate with low-level laser light), treating snoring has never been easier. Perform your best dentistry and watch your practice transform.

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    An Experience That Moves Patients

    By eliminating the primary causes of patient anxiety (the needle and the drill), Solea delivers a dental experience patients prefer. When needles, numbness, and the sound of the drill, and the pain are all removed from a patient’s dental experience, two important things happen: 1) Patients never settle for a traditional experience again, and 2) They encourage their family and friends to experience the same.

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    Deliver Better Outcomes

    Enjoy the highest degree of control over procedures and practice truly minimally invasive dentistry. For hard tissue, Solea allows for selective tissue ablation, which results in the preservation of healthy tooth structure and minimized risk of iatrogenic damage. Solea also provides a bactericidal effect because laser energy kills all bacteria with which it comes in contact. For soft and osseous tissue, Solea enables precise control and is both atraumatic and virtually blood-free, allowing you to deliver better outcomes than you could deliver using traditional instruments.

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    Work Smarter, Not Harder

    By eliminating anesthesia, Solea removes obstacles that slow you down and limit what you can accomplish in a single visit. No more calming patients down, injecting the anesthesia, waiting for it to take effect, and scheduling multiple visits for multi-quadrant dentistry. With Solea, you simply greet the patient, get started, and stay until treatment is complete. Enjoy more control over your schedule and feel like you are working less.

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    Expand Your Practice

    Solea dentists perform soft and osseous tissue procedures because they are simple, fast, and minimally invasive. By virtually eliminating bleeding, sutures, and post-operative pain, you can add higher revenue procedures – such as gingivectomies, frenectomies, and flapless crown lengthening – previously referred out or ignored. Your patients will love receiving treatment from a dentist they know and trust, and they will be amazed by the remarkably rapid healing process and absence of post-operative pain.

“I wouldn’t even consider a hard tissue laser before I saw Solea. As a first time hard tissue laser user, I was shocked with not only how fast it cuts but also how easy it was for me to come up to speed. My patients love it. One patient actually told me I changed her life. Taking the noise, vibration and needle out of the equation delivers an experience I only hoped for prior to Solea. Speaking of the needle, 95% of my Solea procedures are anesthesia-free. My patients love the experience and appreciate that I have the latest technology in my operatory. There is no doubt in my mind that Solea is better for my patients and better for my practice.”

Mark Mizner, D.M.D.
General, Cosmetic, and Restorative Dentist – Boston, MA


All-Tissue Laser: A Cut Above

Solea operates at a unique wavelength with sophisticated, yet simple computer controls that enable high-speed, precision cutting on both hard and soft tissue. Solea works on everything from gingiva and dentin to enamel and bone.


Breakthrough Technology

Take a look at some of the features and innovations that make the Solea All-Tissue Laser so effective.

Unique 9.3 µm CO2 Laser

Solea performs differently than any other laser, emitting a unique 9.3 µm wavelength, which nears the peak absorption of hydroxyapatite. The result? Solea actually vaporizes enamel (unlike other lasers that slowly chip it away), giving you the power to work anywhere in the oral cavity from any angle with speed and ease. Whether treating virgin teeth, replacing old restorations, or performing soft or osseous tissue procedures, Solea is the right tool for the job.

Variable-Speed Footpedal

Solea’s variable-speed footpedal is unique among lasers in dentistry. The harder you press, the faster it cuts. Transition between enamel, dentin, bone, composite, and gingiva simply by adjusting pressure on the foot-pedal. Solea increases your control, saves you time, and makes for an intuitive, easy transition from the drill.


Solea’s powerful 9.3 µm beam is optimized by galvos – computer-controlled motors that move mirrors inside the handpiece and direct the beam into patterns of pulses on the target tissue. These patterns optimize energy delivery for the tissue you are cutting, whether it is enamel, dentin, bone, or soft tissue. Galvos are key to Solea’s ability to perform reliably anesthesia-free dentistry. They also play a key role in Solea’s unprecedented performance.

Spot Size

Solea is the only dental laser that allows you to select a spot size specific to the job at hand. No more focusing and defocusing affecting power and speed as you go. You simply select the desired spot size and the computer does the rest, no compromises.

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Clinical Excellency

Solea enables your best dentistry. You enjoy the highest degree of control over procedures and you practice truly minimally invasive dentistry.Deliver better clinical outcomes and offer a patient experience that includes little to no post-op discomfort and remarkably rapid healing.


We’ve Got Your Back

When you bring Solea into your practice, our world-class services (Training, Support, and Community) come with it. At Convergent Dental, we are committed to making sure you get the most out of your Solea, and we provide the resources to enable your success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does the analgesic effect work?

The gate control theory of pain asserts that non-painful input can close nerve “gates” to painful input, which prevents the sensation of pain from reaching the central nervous system. Solea vaporizes tooth structure and soft tissue at a very high frequency, up to 1,000 pulses per second, which is believed to overwhelm pain receptors, preventing pain signals from ever reaching the brain. The result is an analgesic effect that allows dental work to be completed without needles, numbness, or pain.

What does training consist of?

Our comprehensive training programs are designed to ensure that practices can integrate Solea quickly and seamlessly – so dentists can focus on the dentistry instead of the device. Your training will consist of 3-parts, including E-Learning modules, a Live-Training Day with a Solea Trainer, and a one-on-one Coaching Session.

How do you control depth while cutting?

Solea’s variable-speed footpedal is unique among lasers in dentistry. The harder you press, the faster it cuts. Transition between enamel, dentin, bone, composite, and gingiva simply by adjusting pressure on the foot-pedal. Solea increases your control, saves you time, and makes for an intuitive, easy transition from the drill.

What does “90-Day Money Back guarantee” mean?

We believe so strongly in the patient and practice benefits of Solea, we guarantee your success! If you don’t have the Solea experience you envisioned, you can return the laser for a refund within the first 90-days, minus a $5,000 restocking fee. It’s a great offer, but not many people take us up on it. That’s because we surround you with resources & support to help you achieve your goals. Please reach out to your local Solea Representative for all the details!

Is there a warranty?

Our service contract ensures you always get the most out of your Solea and it always keeps performing at the highest levels. The contract covers on-site repairs, replacement of hardware components, labor and travel fees, out-of-warranty repair costs and customer support by phone or internet under an easy, worry-free service contract. The service contract also includes free software updates that are crucial to optimize the performance of your Solea, and free access to comprehensive online training courses that ensure you know the latest ways Solea is changing what it means to go to the dentist.

See How Many Things You Can Do With Solea

Curious about which procedures the Solea All-Tissue laser can help you with? Take a look at this sheet that lists out common procedures to learn how Solea can help expand your procedures and possibilities.