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Procedures Made Easier with the Solea® Dental Laser


Procedures Made Easier with the Solea® Dental Laser

Dentists everywhere perform a multitude of procedures throughout the year, but are they working as efficiently as possible? For those using traditional dental instruments, such as the high-speed handpiece and scalpel, the answer is simple: No! But for dentists who treat patients with the Solea 9.3 µm CO2 all-tissue laser, the answer is obvious.

When you say goodbye to traditional dentistry that slows you down and instead choose anesthesia-, blood-, and pain-free dentistry with Solea, everything changes. This includes simplifying most procedures and making them easier to perform. In just about no time you will take on more cases per day, get more done during visits, and see more revenue come your way.

Crown lengthenings

Crown lengthenings can be a time-consuming and laborious procedure, as there are multiple steps involved that include recontouring gingiva and reshaping bone. General practitioners (GPs) will almost always refer this procedure to a specialist. This is inconvenient for the patient and is a lost production opportunity for the practice.

In a case where a closed crown lengthening on tooth #9 was performed, Solea is shown to make all the difference. First, if you are a GP, you will be able to handle the procedure in house. This means you no longer have to refer cases out to specialists, keeping business in your practice. If you are a specialist, Solea will help you perform this soft- and hard-tissue surgery rapidly and minimally invasively with excellent precision.

If traditional methods were used in this case, the entire surgical procedure would have taken a separate 60-90-minute appointment. But with Solea, it was done in less than 10 minutes, allowing the practitioner, Timothy Anderson, DDS, to complete the crown lengthening and tooth preparations in a single visit.

Only with Solea can crown lengthenings be performed with a truly noninvasive approach. Here, there was minimal bleeding which allowed for a clean surgery site. Performing a virtually bloodless procedure also allowed the practitioner to predict successful clinical outcomes. Not to mention, the patient experience was transformed, as she loved the aesthetic results and appreciated the shorter appointment time. She was also impressed by the rapid healing and grateful that there was no significant post-operative pain.


Gingivectomies are another type of procedure usually referred out. Traditionally, this surgery is performed with a scalpel and local anesthesia. There is also the need to manage blood, which adds another step. Even with other lasers, local anesthesia is typically administered and bleeding occurs. However, that is not so with Solea.

In a gingival hyperplasia case from Solea laser dentist, Joshua Weintraub, DDS, it is remarkable how Solea transforms the gingivectomy procedure.

When using Solea in this case, there was no need for the practitioner to inject anesthesia. Eliminating this time-consuming step maximized efficiency, as well as enhanced the experience for the 13-year-old pediatric patient who was happy to avoid the needle. She was comfortable throughout, and was thrilled to spend less time in the chair. Thanks to an anesthesia-free surgery, the patient could return to school right after her appointment. If not for Solea, she would have been late to or missed class, spending the rest of the day uncomfortable, with a numb face.


Traditionally, a frenectomy is performed with a scalpel or scissors. But when you use Solea, neither is needed. Some advantages of the 9.3 µm CO2 laser include reduced bleeding, less post-operative pain, and rapid healing. Additionally, Solea is a safer alternative to traditional instruments, as it reduces the risk of post-operative infections.

Another great Solea advantage is time savings. Based on several factors, such as the patient’s age and what type of frenectomy (lip or tongue) is necessary, the procedure may take less than a minute to complete. Watch a lingual frenectomy and maxillary frenectomy performed in seconds to see how efficiently Solea works.

Those who practice dentistry with Solea agree it radically changes the dental experience for everyone. All procedures, hard- or soft-tissue, suddenly become simpler for practitioners to perform and more comfortable for patients to sit through. Solea makes crown lengthenings, gingivectomies, and frenectomies easier to handle, but it does not end there. The all-tissue laser is also the perfect solution for simplifying fibroma removals, tissue recontouring, and many other procedures. However, going beyond the enhanced workflow are the long term results you will see instantly. These include a surge in revenue, practice growth, and a much larger, happier patient base. Don’t just take our word for it, find out for yourself: contact Convergent Dental today and ask about Solea.

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