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Set your small patients up for a lifetime of good oral health by helping to raise a generation that’s not afraid of the dentist.

When parents think about the dentist, they think about what it would be like if their child needs a filling. That perception dictates a lot of decisions: which dentist they choose; whether or not they accept a treatment; how long they stay with the practice; and what they say to their friends and family. By eliminating the primary causes of patient anxiety (the needle and the drill), Solea delivers a dental experience pediatric patients and parents prefer.

“With Solea, my patients get to experience anesthesia-free restorative dentistry, which means no shots! Patients are also able to get multiple procedures done within one visit, which means less time missed from school. What’s more, soft tissue procedures heal so much faster, and there’s less post-op discomfort. The best part of using Solea is that the kids leave happy, like nothing happened! Game changer!”

Andrea Gamble, DDS, Pediatric Dentist

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Infant Lingual and Maxillary Frenectomies

Case Summary: The patient, a 10-week-old male infant, presented with a Class III maxillary lip tie and a Clas...

Ankylosed Tooth Extraction

Case Summary: 16-year-old male was referred by ortho for comprehensive care and extraction of tooth #T. Patie...

Gingivectomy and Maxillary Frenectomy

Case Summary: A 13-year-old female, who has been a patient of the practice since she was 2 years old, present...

Explore The Case Studies

Lingual And Maxillary Frenectomy

The 10-week-old male patient presented with a Class III maxillary lip tie and a Class III tongue tie. He was referred to the practice by a lactation consultant (IBCLC) for inability to achieve a proper latch on the breast. An anesthetic- , blood- and suture-free lingual and maxillary labial frenectomies were performed using Solea.

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Pediatric Gingivectomy

A 13-year-old female patient was unhappy with the appearance of her smile after orthodontic treatment. The oral evaluation revealed that she had a hypermobile lip and showed too much of her gingiva and maxillary frenum when she smiled. The clinical objective was to remove the excessive gingiva to make her smile more aesthetically pleasing, in addition to a maxillary frenectomy. The whole operation was performed without injectable anesthetic and virtually blood-free with Solea.

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Video Library

Dr. Annette Ogunnowo Talks Solea
Sophia and Dr. Kotlow
Class III #G MFL
Lingual Frenectomy
Carly and Dr. Rohde
Stainless Steel Crown #T
Dr. Laura Holena & Special Needs Patients
Class IV #E & #F
Pediatric Dentist Dr. Andrea Gamble
Pulpotomy #C
Uncovery #6
Labial Frenectomy
Class II
Class V #C
Class III #F & #G

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Use of the Solea laser in pediatric dentistry

Since its intoduction, the Solea All-Tissue Laser has made anesthesia-free treatment possible for a number of dental procedures. In this interview, pediatric dentist Jared Poplin, DMD, discusses his experience using Solea.

This is not a drill: tips to improve patient experience with laser technology

Dr. Jenny Jackson feels that her Solea laser has improved practice efficiency, reduced the need for numbing, and also eliminates many mental triggers for her young patients.

AAPD Policy on the Use of Lasers for Pediatric Dental Patients

Policy on the Use of Lasers for Pediatric Dental Patients

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