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Supporting Dentists’ Solea® Laser Journey


Supporting Dentists’ Solea® Laser Journey

When dentists choose the Solea dental laser, they aren’t just receiving the industry’s #1 all-tissue laser; they’re also getting a complete experience that includes an unparalleled level of support that will help prepare their practice for success when it comes to understanding Solea and most importantly, providing patient care.

An investment in our dental laser ensures a reliably anesthesia-free, blood-free dental experience, as well as constant education and training that keep dentists ahead of the learning curve and always performing with the highest degree of clinical excellence.

Adopting the Solea laser begins an incredible journey for dentists and their patients, and for that, Convergent Dental wants to make sure that you have exceptional support every step of the way. From training that teaches best practices, to service that guarantees the laser is operating properly at all times—we provide everything you need, at your convenience.

Comprehensive Training

Our training programs are designed to help you become as familiar as possible with Solea, in the smallest amount of time so that you can fully and seamlessly integrate it into your practice and begin treating your patients.

Initial in-person training is imperative to successfully use Solea, and that is why we ask dentists to come participate in a face-to-face training course, so that they can interact with the Solea laser, learn from certified Solea dentists, and spend time with others who have also chosen to add Solea to their practice.

During the course, each of the dentists in training receives thorough, tailored attention from trainers who monitor their contact with Solea. Hands-on clinical activities include performing cavity preparations using extracted teeth and soft tissue procedures using porcine or bovine mandibles, and in certain instances, trainees get to observe the live treatment of a Solea patient.

Moreover, to make sure that the dentists get the most out of their session, trainers are constantly at their side, waiting to offer immediate feedback and answer any questions that they may have.

We believe the best way to become well-versed in Solea is to immediately begin to use it in the practice setting. Once you have concluded initial training, we will schedule an installation to take place. When it’s time, a qualified Field Service Engineer will arrive at your practice to set-up the Solea laser, as well as educate your staff on system maintenance, and other standard Solea instructions.

In addition to the initial in-person course, we also provide dentists with free entry into our online training system where they can find introductory materials that explain more about Solea and laser dentistry in general. The purpose of the materials is to reinforce what was learned during their face-to-face session, so that they gain optimal insight and, in turn, can use it to become extraordinary Solea dentists.

Continued Learning Through Collaboration

After fulfilling your training, it is essential that you remain a lifelong Solea learner, as innovations to technology are constantly being made. To help promote this, we offer several methods of supplementary education and support that involve the Solea community.

Follow-up care: New users will be put in touch with the Convergent Dental client services team to discuss plans for integrating the Solea laser into their practice. Our team will review the first few weeks’ procedures with Solea, as well as assist with any questions, concerns, or challenges. Furthermore, team members (if indicated) can personally provide over-the-shoulder coaching to help with the assimilation process.

Clinical sharing calls: For extended knowledge sharing, we invite dentists to join clinical sharing calls. These calls are held for communicating Solea best practices, imparting breakthroughs in laser dentistry, and citing clinical cases. As the digital center for Solea dentists, is where we publish exclusive content that relates to Solea and laser dentistry. The site consists of peer discussion boards, current articles, and other assets to enrich your experience. You must be a Solea laser owner in order to access this site.

Premium Service

Choosing to add the Solea laser to your practice is a significant investment; and for you to get the maximum benefit, we have made it our mission to deliver outstanding service that matches the performance of Solea.

From our in-house client services team, consisting of clinical and technical professionals, to our expert technicians who are trained to handle any situation, Solea dentists receive all-inclusive assistance that will help keep their new equipment running efficiently, so that they can focus on growing their practice.

In truth, laser dentistry can seem complex and a little intimidating; but when you embark on the journey with Solea, you will soon realize that with the support we offer, it’s nowhere near as complicated as you once thought.

To learn more about our support and services or to add Solea to your practice, contact Convergent Dental today.

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