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The Solea® Laser is Right for You!


Just Starting Out or Celebrating 20 Years? Solea® is Right for You!

We often inadvertently associate certain types of people with certain types of things. For instance, when thinking of an Apple iPhone® or the latest Tesla model, some may say that is a phone and car only desired by millennials or technology enthusiasts. But what about those who may not own either and would like to, or those intimidated by tech but still appreciate it? Well, this type of thinking not only applies to matters outside dentistry. In fact, dental technology is often seen as ultra-contemporary and overly complex, but that could not be further from the truth.

When it comes to dental laser technology, it does not get any more revolutionary than the Solea dental laser. Solea is the tool for reliably anesthesia-, blood-, pain-, and suture-free dentistry. It is also the key to predictable outcomes, enhanced patient experience, greater efficiency, and practice growth. It is the all-tissue laser with a short learning curve, making it easy to use for practitioners regardless of where they are in their careers. That said, Solea can be added to the operatories of general and specialty practitioners of any age, looking to perform their best dentistry.

Practitioners in their later years

What makes the stories of experienced dentists so interesting is that they have been performing dentistry for 20, 30, or even 40+ years in some cases, seeing it all. They have built their reputations, established who they are as dental professionals, and are familiar with the different kinds of technologies launched throughout the decades. They know what has worked and what could potentially help them reach the peak of their prosperity.

In "Investing in the Latest Technology in the Later Years of Practice," Dr. William Huntzinger, a graduate of Case Western Reserve Dental School’s class of 1980, discusses why it is important to adopt technologies that improve patient care and help increase profit. In the article he says, "Solea is an example of how investing in progressive technology not only benefits our patients but also our practice efficiency and profitability… I’ve since experienced not only improved patient compliance, but dramatic gains in efficiency. I can perform multiquadrant dentistry, and can now offer procedures that we’ve typically referred out to specialists."

As a result of Solea’s anesthesia-free dentistry, everything changes for the dental practice. Not only can most hard and soft tissue procedures be performed without anesthetizing patients, but because the obstacles surrounding anesthesia are eliminated, visits become much shorter. This means patients can get out of the chair and back to their day as soon as possible and practitioners can multiply the number of procedures done in a day, handling more cases and gaining more revenue.

When discussing his ROI with Solea, Dr. Huntzinger says, "[our] numbers were so good in 2015-2016 that we now own four [Solea] lasers… We save lots of time since there’s no need for anesthesia. We don’t have to wait for patients to become numb, and there’s less time spent rescheduling appointments, because patients can feel their bite immediately after the procedure."

Practitioners in their earlier years

Unlike those who have been part of the industry for a long time, young practitioners just starting out can use the latest technologies to develop their reputations as up-and-coming dentists. After all, there is nothing like a state-of-the-art practice with innovative equipment and a modern environment. Except there is: a practice with all of the above that is known for delivering patient-centric care.

When you add Solea to your practice, two messages are communicated to patients. The first being you understand how important technology is in respect to performing high level dentistry. The second is you are willing to make a valued investment to ensure their experience is anxiety-free, pain-free, and comfortable.

Dr. Heath Brantley, a young Solea laser dentist, loves the laser because of its clinical capabilities, what it has done for his practice financially, and how it has changed his patients’ perspective on dental visits. In "How to Complete a Class II Restoration without Anesthesia," Dr. Brantley speaks to how Solea changed his mind about a particular clinical topic: the Class II procedure. Before Solea, he considered it a "burden" on both him and his patients. The procedures weren’t necessarily profitable and took longer than they needed to. After Solea, his efficiency is greatly improved. Now, Class II procedures are his most profitable work, as he reports, "I routinely complete $1,000-1,200 worth of fillings out of one chair per hour with Solea."

Additionally, in another article, "Your Accountant may be Wrong about New Technology," Dr. Brantley discusses how Solea allowed him to begin his career with a financial "bang." He says, "Two years out of school, I bought a practice along with its real estate for $1 million and had more than $200,000 in student loans, which was very scary to say the least… Three years after opening my practice, my revenues are up 300% due to a number of practice-building purchases, such as Solea."

Anesthesia-free procedures, anxiety-free dental visits, and undeniable revenue gain are advantages to benefit a practice, regardless of who is running it. Whether you identify as the practitioner with many years of experience or the one who is five years out of dental school, Solea can help reposition your career or get it started. To find out more about the CO2 laser or add it to your practice, contact Convergent Dental today.

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