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Solea®: The One Dental Laser to Fit All Types of Patients


Solea®: The One Dental Laser to Fit All Types of Patients

Each patient walking through the front door of a dental practice is there for a specific reason. One may be coming in for the standard six-month cleaning and X-rays, another for a dental frenectomy or more complex procedure such as a root canal. However, apart from patients’ dental needs being different is their attitude and opinion of going to the dentist. Some are avid “six-monthers” who look forward to receiving their appointment reminder calls, whereas others, like pediatric and phobic patients, are the polar opposite and try to avoid going. Perhaps it’s a result of a bad past experience or maybe they just have an aversion to sitting in the chair, surrounded by needles and that piercing “whir” sound, while someone picks and prods inside their mouths with an abrasive, vibrating drill.

Two goals when developing the Solea Dental Laser were to introduce a technology that would disturb the market and make dentistry exciting again for practitioners. A third goal was to change the patient mindset by turning the experience into something they didn’t have to fear and could be excited about. All were achieved. Solea, in addition to being practitioners’ preferred tool, has become the dental laser that’s been able to show patients—even the most unwilling ones—that anxiety and panic is no longer a reason for not going to the dentist.

The pediatric patient

Taking younger children to the dentist without struggle isn’t a reality for many parents. Getting them to sit quietly and still cooperate during the visit is a whole other story. Children tend to be distracted, nervous, and will do pretty much everything but stay seated. The thought of the loud, scary drill, painful pinch of the needle, and awkward numb feeling after receiving anesthesia can make dental visits a terrifying experience for your pediatric patients.

That said, Solea’s advantages of reliably anesthesia-free, blood-free, and pain-free procedures make it the perfect tool for practitioners to use on younger patients. What may be most beneficial is Solea’s ability to perform more efficiently than traditional tools. For instance, if you were to use a scalpel during a dental frenectomy, the patient would encounter considerable pain and discomfort, require sutures, and take much longer to heal afterwards. But with Solea, there would be little to no pain, no discomfort, and post-operative healing would happen a lot quicker.

This means you’ll not only be able to treat patients comfortably, but you’ll also do it significantly faster which is essential for the wriggling toddler who’d rather be anywhere but in the chair. Not to mention, you’ll do it all reliably without the need for an injectable anesthetic so right after you complete the procedure, you can send the patient back to school or home for lunch.

The phobic patient

Dental anxiety is a very real problem faced by many patients for different reasons. It could occur as a result of a traumatic experience or be due to a general dislike of the intrusive drill, painful procedures, and long-lasting effects of anesthesia. All of these examples are disadvantages of traditional dentistry and some of the biggest issues for patients.

Fortunately with Solea, all of the uncomfortable disadvantages disappear and leave room for incredible advantages to arrive: the most important being reliably anesthesia-free procedures. Another is the practitioner’s ability to perform multi-quadrant dentistry. When you are able to work in all four quadrants of the mouth at once, you reduce the number of visits and save chair time. Patients—adults or pediatrics—will love this. Now, instead of fear and anxiety, they’re left with a brand new experience that puts them at ease and motivates them to make their next appointment without dread.

When developing Solea, the idea of creating a stress-free environment for patients was just as vital as helping practitioners perform more efficient dentistry to deliver the best possible results. To satisfy your toughest patients and encourage new ones to join your practice, contact Convergent Dental and ask about the dental laser that has forever changed the experience of going to the dentist.

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