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Solea®: 99% Anesthesia-Free


Solea®: The 99% Anesthesia-Free CO2 Dental Laser for 100% Satisfaction

The next generation of Solea is here, ready to transform your practice forever and redefine the patient experience once again. If this sounds like a bold statement—it is, and Convergent Dental can confidently stand behind it.

Prior to launching the new platform, Solea’s capabilities were evaluated and data were collected on its performance. They say numbers don’t lie, and that could not be truer in this instance. Solea was, and still is, the #1 selling all-tissue laser in dentistry. It is virtually 100% anesthesia-free for any cavity prep, and blood- and suture-free for most soft tissue surgeries. And now, the proof is right here to validate that it is the dental laser to take your patients’ satisfaction, as well as your own, to brand new heights.

  1. 100% of patients say Solea is significantly quieter than the drill and 98% report experiencing little to no sensation*

One major source of fear for patients is the drill. From the piercing sound to its grinding sensation on the teeth, the drill has been known to keep patients out of the chair and avoiding visits to the dentist since the beginning of time. However, because this instrument is removed from the equation when Solea is used, patients will have a zero-anxiety experience as the laser operates noise-free and does not cause an unpleasant or uncomfortable feeling during treatment.

In 2017, Dr. Scott Pope, a Solea user and advocate of the technology since day one, spoke to Inside Dentistry. Sharing his own experience in "Solea® Dental Laser: Increasing Efficiency and Enhancing the Patient Experience," he says, "With Solea, the two components most feared by patients—the needle and drill—are eliminated. Imagine telling a patient that you’ve found a carious lesion and saying, 'I can take care of this right now in 10 minutes with no need for an anesthetic or a drill.’ It’s hard not to get a 'Yes, let’s do it’ answer from the patient."

  1. Practitioners report being able to perform 99.2% of hard tissue preps anesthesia-free with Solea*

As a practitioner, you know about all the disadvantages of using anesthesia during treatment. It often takes more time than you think to calm patients, inject, and wait for the numbness to take effect whereas with Solea, the time taken for all those things are given back to the dentist and patient. Not to mention, you can work in all four quadrants with this dental laser. For patients specifically, the worst part is the needle, as well as the lingering numbness which Dr. Jim Sandras in "How to Enhance Patient Experiences with the Solea Laser" confirms by saying, "I’ve been in private practice for 32 years and the thing people dislike most about going to the dentist is being stuck with a needle and then the hours of numbness afterward."

That said, there are many advantages of using of Solea. But if there is one in particular that the CO2 laser has been known for, it is the ability to help practitioners perform virtually anesthesia-free and pain-free procedures.

Without the needle, performing procedures will be dramatically different than what you have known. Essentially, after the patient walks into the operatory and takes a seat, you can get started right away. There is no waiting and all the necessary work can be completed in that one visit. The time savings will mean everything for you, and more importantly, your patients will be able to relax and not have to worry about the painful pinch of the injection or discomfort from being numbed.

  1. Practitioners report 84% of cavity preps with Solea cut equal to or faster than the drill*

Solea has always been the dental laser with precise and unbelievably fast cutting speeds. After advancements were made to the new platform, the all-tissue laser can cut faster than ever. In fact, cutting on hard tissue has increased by 31%, allowing for smoother surface finishes and reduced prep time. These are just some of the benefits that will impact all your procedures, and you can read more about them in the Convergent Dental press release.

In respect to cavity preps, virtually 100% of these procedures can be done anesthesia-free. As mentioned previously, not having to inject will save you an incredible amount of time during each treatment, and with the increased speed, you will maximize what can be done in a single visit. This means more appointments per day, more revenue, and more smiling patients as they will love how quickly they are in and out of the chair and back on the road to enjoy their day.

  1. Practitioners report 96% of soft tissue procedures with Solea are blood-free*

With traditional instruments such as the scalpel, it is no secret that there will be a lot of blood during soft tissue work. Aside from being messy, blood adds unnecessary steps to procedures. You have to stop and clean as you work and let’s not forget about applying sutures at the end. But when using Solea, you no longer have to worry about anything extra because the majority of procedures are blood-free. You will appreciate how seamless your cases become, and patients will appreciate the pain-free treatment, little to no post-op discomfort, and quick healing.

Additionally, having Solea in the operatory will allow you to refer out less while expanding your procedural offerings to include crown lengthenings, dental frenectomies, dental gingivectomies, and many other higher-paying soft tissue procedures. Get ready for practice growth and a continuously expanding patient base!

There is a lot to say about Solea, and there is even more to see. To truly understand all of the amazing benefits and how they can affect your patients and practice, you have to experience them for yourself. Contact Convergent Dental today to do just that and start performing your best dentistry ever with the 99% anesthesia-free dental laser that is re-revolutionizing dentistry!

*Actual results from 1,000 procedures collected in pre-market testing.

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