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“Solea®” is Just Another Word for Practice Growth


“Solea®” is Just Another Word for Practice Growth

Some dentists graduate from dental school immediately ready to jump into practice ownership. Others choose the route of the group practice with an intention to start their own later on down the road. Regardless of how one finds him or herself in the position of owning a practice, the thought “how can I advance my career and grow my business?” presents itself eventually. After all, a practice that continuously evolves is one that has its future mapped out.

Solea is a 9.3 µm CO2 dental laser uniquely designed to help users get the maximum productivity out of their work day. It delivers a completely transformative experience to dentists and patients alike, simplifying even the most complex procedures. What perhaps makes Solea so renowned is its ability to drive practice growth by virtually eliminating anesthesia, bleeding, sutures, and pain. Solea can also cut essentially every cavity prep anesthesia-free, not just selected classes or depths, all in less time than the drill.

Solea and practice growth

With Solea, the possibilities are endless. After you add the 9.3 µm CO2 laser to your practice, the first thing you will notice is how quickly you receive a return on your investment. Almost immediately after you start using Solea, you will see the advantages of anesthesia-free dentistry (and so will your accounting books). For instance, when you do cavity preps without anesthetizing your patients, everything gets done much quicker. Obstacles that slow down the process and affect how many procedures you can do per day are instantly eliminated, freeing up time and letting you do more than ever before.

Without Solea, the treatment process probably goes something like this: you calm your patients down, make the injection, and leave the operatory while they get numb. Then you come back minutes later and potentially have to anesthetize again if the first injection was not sufficient. All of these steps add up and are very wasteful, stopping you from accomplishing a lot more. However, with Solea, everything changes. All you have to do is greet your patient, sit down, and get to work.

As you continue to use Solea and your investment is fully recouped, you will notice a big difference in your bottom line. When you are maximizing the number of procedures you take on and reaping the benefits of other Solea advantages, such as multi-quadrant dentistry, you will notice a revenue surge. Just ask Dr. Heath Brantley who dramatically increased his profits by 60% in his first year, or Dr. Michael Kelly who believes Solea is a great tool for practice growth.

Solea and added patient referrals

Increasing your patient referrals is a part of practice growth, but with Solea, there is a lot more to it. Dentists, of course, love the success the all-tissue laser brings, but even more than that they love how it creates a comfortable atmosphere and promotes an anxiety-free experience for patients.

When scheduling a routine exam or—even worse—a visit that requires a procedure, patients are not always happy. Unfortunately, going to the dentist has become a high-stress, fearful event. Most patients are apprehensive when it comes to the needle and playing the waiting game while anesthesia sets in just make it worse. Going to a dental appointment can also be an inconvenience, especially when the lingering “numb face” feeling persists hours after, leaving patients unable to eat and have to put their day on hold.

Thanks to Solea, it is a new day for dentistry and for patients specifically. The dental experience has forever changed and those treated by Solea have never been happier to see their dentists. Instead of stress and fear, patients can breathe a sigh of relief as they no longer have to endure the painful pinch of the needle and other former adversities. Additionally, in many cases all dental needs can be taken care of in one visit. This is because Solea enables you to simultaneously work in all four quadrants of the mouth if necessary.

In “Solea® Helps Dentist Improve Patient Experience, Elevate Clinical Outcomes, Boost Production,” Dr. Timothy Anderson was interviewed about his Solea experience. The article discusses Dr. Anderson’s belief that patient happiness is crucial to running a successful practice. After getting into the details, such as how the laser helps him keep frequently referred out procedures in house and promotes fast healing, he is quoted as saying, “Solea has not only made me a better dentist but has created a foundation for my practice to forge lifelong patients.”

Can practice growth happen overnight? The answer is no. But with Solea, drastic growth can occur rather quickly and there are many different success stories to prove it. To start generating more revenue, increasing referrals, and keeping happy patients in your practice to stay, contact Convergent Dental and ask about adding Solea to your operatory.

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