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Solea® Provides Unparalleled Practice Growth


Integrating Solea® Provides Unparalleled Practice Growth

For many dental equipment and technology companies, it’s often difficult to make the claim that their product can meet the unique needs of diverse practitioners specializing in different areas of dentistry. For instance, one product may provide a solution for the general practice but may not be valuable to any of the specialty practices and vice versa. That said, this is not the case for Convergent Dental, developers of Solea: the all-tissue laser that can be used by General Dentists, Pediatric Dentists, and many other specialties.

As proof that the Solea All-Tissue Dental Laser does indeed have a place in a variety  of practices, several factors are recognized: endorsements from dentists around country like Andrew Spector, DMD, FAGD, FICOI and William Huntzinger, DDS, international adoption by Canadian and Korean markets, and of course, the 2002% increase in growth since inception, as well as the substantial expansion of our customer base in the last year alone.

What makes Solea such a life-changing technology for general practitioners and specialists is the ability to perform hundreds of clinical procedures reliably anesthesia-free, blood-free, suture-free, and pain-free from Class I to VI cavity preps, crown lengthening, gingivectomies, frenectomies, and fibroma removals just to name a few, in addition to outperforming the competition in respect to precision, cutting speed, clinical outcomes, and patient experience. No matter the stage or size of a dental practice, Solea can easily integrate into the workflow to provide the practice with increased efficiency gains and a better patient experience.

If you’re getting ready to celebrate 30 years in the business and know that now is the time to modernize your exam room, attract a new set of tech-savvy patients, or upgrade your clinical repertoire, Solea is the solution. The all-tissue laser will help you transition into 21st century dentistry and offer invaluable opportunities to grow your practice and clinical capabilities. For instance, think back to the beginning of your career vs now. You’re most likely accepting a greater number of cases and performing a wider range of procedures than you were years ago. That said, after adopting Solea, you’ll be astonished by how many additional new procedures you’ll be able to take on.

Relative to seasoned practitioners who have the opportunity to reinvent their practice with Solea, you—as a newer practitioner just starting your practice—can establish your reputation as an advanced laser dentist from day one after adopting the all-tissue laser. You’ll also benefit from being able to perform more procedures per day and multi-quadrant dentistry due to Solea’s reliably anesthesia-free capabilities. You’ll love the added capabilities and your patients will love that they can come in for a procedure that is reliably needle-free, drill-free, and pain-free, which means they can get back to their day in minutes, because there’s no more waiting for the numbness to subside.

In addition to the Solea Dental Laser being ideal for practitioners with decades of experience and ones who may just be starting out, it’s also a revolutionary technology that can be integrated into general and specialty practices of any size. Whether there are two, five, or 10 employees, Solea is once again the solution.

If you’re the solo owner of a practice with a few staff members or the practice owner with partners, associates, and a large staff, Solea is the investment to help increase:

  • profitability to grow practice size
  • procedure efficiencies, do more procedures within the same workday
  • patient retention and referrals

No matter what your goals are, Solea was developed to have a place in many different general and specialty practices, and there’s no doubt that it’s the addition you’ve been looking for. Contact Convergent Dental today to learn more how you can benefit from the unique advantages of laser dentistry with Solea!

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