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Try Solea® Once and Be Hooked


Try Solea® Once and Be Hooked for Generations to Come

Solea is a breakthrough dental laser technology that delivers a completely unique experience for you and your patients. Say "hello" to the next generation that is here to show practitioners what a 99% anesthesia-free dental laser can do, changing everything about the way dentistry is performed!

In addition to being anesthesia-free, blood-free, suture-free, and noise-free, the #1 selling all-tissue laser is a practice builder that allows you to perform a range of new procedures, keeping, for instance, more soft tissue work in house. If the thought of a transformative technology that helps you refer out less and gain more revenue does not sound intriguing, testimonials from Solea dentists who have loved the CO2 laser since day one will!

"When patients ask you if you've started the procedure after you've already finished, you know you've reached a new level in anesthesia-free dentistry." - Dr. Yooson Kim

Solea is most known for being virtually 100% anesthesia-free. This is vital for practitioners because without the needle, they are able to just sit down and get started. All obstacles are removed, such as calming patients, injecting, and waiting for numbness, so everyone can save time from the beginning.

Dr. Kim can attest to how performing anesthesia-free dentistry has dramatically changed her practice, as well as the mindsets of her patients. A while ago, she and a patient, Tina, spoke to DentistryIQ in "Laser Dentistry: A Patient's Perspective on Pain-Free Treatment." Both impressed by Solea for different reasons, Dr. Kim talks about loving the expressions on her patients' faces when she tells them the procedure is finished; while Tina shares how the fast, pain-free experience completely eased her mind about future dental visits.

With the next generation, Dr. Kim and her patients have even more to be excited about and that is why they will continue to see her for care and she will never have to use any other laser but Solea.

"The new generation of Solea is virtually sensationless. Kids can't tell whether I'm prepping their teeth or not. I get all their work done in one visit nearly every time." - Dr. Lawrence Kotlow

Solea is the laser that creates the best possible experience for the practitioner, as well as the patient and Dr. Kotlow knows that. For children specifically, Solea is the solution to raising a generation that is not afraid of the dentist. When the noise, needle, and numbness are removed from treatment, a completely new and unique experience happens. Dentistry is suddenly much simpler when patients realize there is nothing to be afraid or anxious of anymore. Not to mention, parents can take their children to dental appointments without fuss, return them to school, and return to work themselves, much quicker.

"This Solea is the all-tissue laser that will make every dentist believe in all-tissue lasers." - Dr. David Fantarella

Dr. Fantarella has been performing dentistry with Solea since 2014. Solea transforms the patient experience by allowing him to handle all of his restorative work and more, and completely removes the drill from the equation. Years later, Dr. Fantarella is still in love with Solea's performance and can't believe how amazing the new advancements make treatment.

Using Solea allows you to keep patients in your practice for soft tissue procedures such as dental frenectomies, crown lengthenings, and aphthous ulcers. That said, patients will appreciate staying in your chair, being treated by you, the dentist they know and trust, and you will gain the revenue to grow your practice exponentially.

"This generation of Solea sets a new standard for minimally invasive dentistry. I can see exactly what I am doing, and it cuts with precision that no other dental instrument can match. Outcomes are better than I can get with anything else." - Dr. Michael Kelly

Replacing traditional tools with Solea instead is a sure way to reach the best possible clinical outcomes when it comes to any tissue type procedure. In fact, did you know the average Solea dentist feels he/she is doing less work, but in reality, is doing approximately 4-6 more procedures per day? It is all because of how efficient Solea makes dentistry.

For practitioners like Dr. Kelly who have experienced the advancements of Solea, it is almost hard to believe its expert precision and how simple hard tissue procedures have become. For instance, in a dental caries case where the task is to remove decay, Solea makes restoring the tooth as simple as can be. Time is cut in half (compare approximately 40 minutes with a drill vs 10 minutes with Solea), there is no need for anesthesia, and the option to work in all four quadrants is available.

"I didn't think it was possible to improve on Solea's ability to perform anesthesia- and blood-free dentistry, but somehow they did it! This new generation allows me to complete procedures quickly and with 100% confidence." — Dr. Joshua Weintraub

With such an elevated clinical performance, it is no wonder why Dr. Weintraub, a day-one advocate of Solea, and others go into treatments feeling 100% confident. Before the next generation was released to the public, Convergent Dental collected limited market research data that proves why practitioners can be so certain when using the laser. Statistics compiled from over 1,000 procedures in early use of the new Solea platform validate the unprecedented clinical performance; they include users reporting 99.2% of hard tissue preps were performed anesthesia-free and 96% of soft tissue procedures were performed blood-free.

"The new Solea has reached the perfect balance. It allows me to cut as fast as a handpiece without choosing between patient comfort and speed." - Dr. Jeffrey Rohde

One of the original Solea dentists, Dr. Rohde knew there was something different about Solea after first use of the all-tissue laser. Not only did he love the anesthesia-free experience and how it improved his workflow, he loved what pain-free dentistry meant for his patients. With the new Solea platform, patients are introduced to a zero-anxiety experience that is even better than before; and as fantastic as this is for them, you will also reap amazing benefits.

For instance, when you remove the sources of anxiety—the drill, needle, and pain—from treatment, you get more patients and keep them longer. That said, referrals go up, attrition goes down, and you achieve unparalleled practice growth.

The way Solea works and how its clinical capabilities guide the patient experience, ultimately ending with a fast ROI and more revenue is something many practitioners love, including Dr. William Huntzinger who discusses it in "Investing in the Latest Technology in the Later Years of Practice."

The beauty of Solea is that it delivers a solution for everyone. Every practitioner wants every patient to feel relaxed when it is time for a dental appointment. As the six Solea dentists above will confirm, Solea merges science and technology with practitioner-patient experience for a result that can't be matched by any other laser or traditional tool. To understand just how powerful the next generation of Solea is, contact Convergent Dental today and learn more about integrating it into your practice!

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