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Bringing the Solea All-Tissue Dental Laser to Patients


Bringing the Solea® Dental Laser to Patients

There is no doubt that the Solea® dental laser redefines the patient experience, however until patients are educated on the benefits of the laser versus traditional dentistry, they don’t truly know how remarkable this CO2 laser is. Certainly, what may be just as important as educating professionals about how Solea it is changing dentistry, is providing patients with a platform where they can learn about what Solea is, the way it works, and how it will amend their perceptions of going to the dentist.

That said, Convergent Dental saw a great need to develop a completely personalized website solely for patient knowledge and it is called

Educational content for patients

As well as being the first FDA approved 9.3μm CO2 dental laser for hard, soft, and osseous tissue, Solea’s ability to complete the majority of procedures reliably anesthesia-free, blood-free, suture-free and pain-free, in less time than the standard drill or scalpel is what turns the traditional practitioner into a laser dentist. These benefits are also what persuades the patient to become a Solea patient—and that is why they’re prominently featured on the website’s homepage. While there, patients can also choose to watch a video that goes into further detail about  the improved patient experience Solea provides.

In addition to the features and benefits above, the homepage also includes a collage of success stories and the option to access testimonial videos where patients talk about their first impressions of the Solea dental laser experience. contains educational content that will allow patients to gain a clear understanding of the technology and how it transforms the experience that they have been used to up until now. Patients can find even more on Solea when they visit the About Solea page; and to help them locate a dentist who uses the dental laser, there is a Find a Solea Dentist page where they can conveniently search for local practitioners who offer the Solea dental laser.

How helps your practice

Along with being an excellent way for patients to get to know Solea as an improved alternative to the drill and scalpel, as well as an approach to raise awareness of laser dentistry as a movement that is revolutionizing the industry, the website is also a marketing tool with the potential to alter the future of a practice.

If you are already a Solea dentist or a practitioner who is in the process of adopting our dental laser, supplying patients with preliminary education is vital to improving case acceptance, and consequently growing your practice. are becoming familiar with this technology and starting to look for Solea dentists in their geographical area.

This new website educates patients on the many benefits of laser dentistry and helps alleviates patients’ fears of going to a dentist. The Solea laser is the answer to the anxiety-free dental appointments that they have been waiting for.

If you are interested in learning more about Solea’s benefits for your practice, contact Convergent Dental, or if you already use Solea, don’t forget to tell your patients to visit!

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