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Dental Lasers and Resolutions 2020


Dental Lasers and Resolutions: Make 2020 Your Most Profitable Year

The exciting part about every New Year is the opportunity to change and evolve for the better. Professionally, you might see your dental practice as the ultimate opportunity for progression.

You know more than anyone that your practice is not just your work space—it is your business, too. So this year, think profitability and growth. Do you want to reach a particular top line by June, or potentially add an associate by the end of the year? Both—and more—can be done if you make a resolution plan that includes investing in the right dental laser: the technology to help you stick to and accomplish your goals for an unbelievably gainful year.

#1: Take new patient flow to the next level

As a dentist, you may have your own tips for adding new referrals to your practice. For instance, maybe you offer all the amenities patients love and want in a dental visit. Well, here is one you might be missing: a dental laser that allows you to perform reliably anesthesia-free and drill-free dentistry. With the right dental laser, anything is possible, including upping new patient flow which is crucial to gaining profits and expanding your business.

A car needs gas to run, and a practice needs a continuous flow of patients to operate, remain steady, and grow. That is where anesthesia- and drill-free and reliably blood-, pain-, and suture-free laser dentistry comes in. Not only will using a laser bring in new patients, it will also make them stay.

Patients want to join and return to practices with dentists who treat them comfortably and quickly. “Comfortably” means without the sharp pinch of the needle, anesthesia, and lengthy healing process. They look for a pain-free and anxiety-free experience, and ask for fast treatment so they can return to their lives without lingering numbness from anesthesia, stiches, and inconvenient follow-up directives. With the right dental laser, such as Solea, this is what you can provide to patients, current and new.

#2: Put “efficiency” at the very top of your to-do list

With resolution #1 in place, your patient
base will be even more loyal than before with new referrals continuously arriving as a result of the laser dentistry experience you provide. Now focus on efficiency so your practice can truly thrive. When you are more efficient, work flow, time management, quality of care, and more will dramatically change for the greater.

By using a laser, namely Solea, that virtually eliminates the need for anesthesia, you also remove obstacles that slow you down and negatively affect patient care. For instance, you will save time and be able to do more within the appointment, such as work within multiple quadrants, when you don’t have to anesthetize.

Dr. Heath Brantley is one of many dentists who found his perfect match in Solea®: an all-tissue CO2 dental laser with a unique 9.3 µm wavelength that separates it from the rest. With Solea, Dr. Brantley provides reliably anesthesia-, drill-, blood-, pain-, and suture-free dentistry to patients. Since adopting the laser, he has seen his practice grow through revenue gain from new referrals, enhanced efficiency, and new procedural offerings (eg, frenectomies). Read part of Dr. Brantley’s success story featured in Dental Economics to learn more.

Interested in laser dentistry for your own practice? Start 2020 right with Solea! Contact Convergent Dental today and ask how it has helped Dr. Brantley and other Solea dentists achieve profitability and success like never before.

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