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Fight Mineral Loss with Solea® Protect™

Solea® Protect is a new application for the Solea All-Tissue Laser that helps reduce mineral loss in dental enamel, protecting teeth against acid attack and caries development. Studies show using fluoride in addition to Solea Protect reduces mineral loss 6 times more than using fluoride alone.1   

This treatment can benefit nearly every patient who walks through your practice doors, especially those at high risk for caries.
•    Helps prevent tooth decay
•    Fights enamel erosion
•    Strengthens enamel 

Solea Protect is designed to be quick & easy for you and your patients.

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9.3-micron CO2 Advantage

The Solea® All-Tissue Laser is the first and only laser cleared by the FDA to aid in the reduction of mineral loss in dental enamel. Solea Protect helps to inhibit caries development by gently heating the surface of tooth enamel, removing carbonate impurities within hydroxyapatite to create a strong, crystal-like structure that is more resistant to tooth decay. The key to safely and effectively delivering this treatment is Solea’s novel 9.3-micron wavelength.

Decades of Research

Convergent Dental has taken an innovative stride by advancing decades of research in laser-based caries prevention to introduce Solea Protect.

  • In a one-year clinical trial, 22% of patients treated with fluoride alone required a restoration within the year while 0% of patients treated with Solea Protect and fluoride required a restoration.2
  • In vitro research has demonstrated that treatment of enamel with Solea Protect alone provides equivalent protection against mineral loss when compared to fluoride varnish.3
  • In vitro studies have shown that Solea Protect creates an acid-resistant enamel layer approximately 15 microns in depth, and, when used in conjunction with fluoride, reduces acid erosion 6x more than fluoride alone.4

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Elevate Your Practice

Solea is the only 9.3-micron CO2 laser. This novel technology enables you to work on everything from enamel to dentin to decay to gingiva to bone, gliding through tissue using a variable-speed foot pedal. It’s fast, precise, and reliably anesthesia-free for cavity preps, plus blood-free and suture-free for most soft tissue surgeries.

By integrating this comprehensive dental practice solution with Solea Protect, you are able to offer both a unique preventative treatment and an anxiety-free experience when restorative work is required.

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Additional Resources

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Microsecond short-pulsed 9.3-μm CO2 laser irradiation markedly inhibits caries progression in pits and fissures in comparison with fluoride varnish alone.

Demineralization Inhibition by High‐Speed Scanning of9.3 μm CO 2 Single Laser Pulses Over Enamel

The results demonstrate a significant benefit of the 9.3 μm CO2 laser at fluences of 0.6, 0.8, and 1.0 J/cm2 in caries‐like lesion inhibition...

Effectiveness of carbonate removal and demineralization inhibition in primary teeth using a 9.3-μm carbon dioxide laser

Irradiation with 9.3-μm CO2 laser on primary teeth reduced the formation of carieslike lesions and was associated with significant removal of acid-soluble carbonate groups from the enamel mineral.

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