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Case Studies


Ankylosed Tooth Extraction

Case Summary: 16-year-old male was referred by ortho for comprehensive care and extraction of tooth #T. Patient’s mother was very hesitant to have sedation done with the local oral surgeon, so she inquired about the possibility of having the procedure completed in-office.

Repair of Osseous Defect on Implant #5 Secondary to Occlus...

Case Summary: A 70 y.o.a. patient presented for an emergency exam with a chief complaint of pain around the peri-implant tissues of implant #5. On exam, sulcular pus and buccal edemato...

Ultraguide Periodontal Abscess

Case Summary: The patient presented for emergency visit with a periodontal abscess with a 10+mm probing on #17 lingual. The clinical objective was to remove inflamed, granulomatous tis...

Closed Flap with Ultraguide

Case Summary: The patient presented with generalized mild adult periodontitis with a 6 mm probing on #3 MB with associated edematous gingiva and bleeding. The clinical objective was to...

Curious About Which Procedures The Solea All-Tissue Laser Can Help You With?

Take a look at this sheet that lists out common Solea procedures and the average time they take compared to traditional methods.