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Case Studies


Deep Class II Restoration on Tooth #12 DO

Case Summary: A 42-year-old male patient presented to the practice for his routine examination. The oral evaluation revealed that failed amalgam and recurrent decay around the margins on tooth #12 DO. The treatment consisted of existing DO amalgam removal with placement of new Class II composite. The patient reported t...

Infant Lingual and Maxillary Frenectomies

Case Summary: The patient, a 10-week-old male infant, presented with a Class III maxillary lip tie and a Class III tongue tie. He was referred to the practice by a lactation consultant...

Ankylosed Tooth Extraction

Case Summary: 16-year-old male was referred by ortho for comprehensive care and extraction of tooth #T. Patient’s mother was very hesitant to have sedation done with the local oral sur...

Gingivectomy and Maxillary Frenectomy

Case Summary: A 13-year-old female, who has been a patient of the practice since she was 2 years old, presented for her surgical appointment. The patient was unhappy with the appearanc...

Curious About Which Procedures The Solea All-Tissue Laser Can Help You With?

Take a look at this sheet that lists out common Solea procedures and the average time they take compared to traditional methods.