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When you bring Solea® into your practice, you become part of a world-class community dedicated to your success. Whatever your definition of success may be — improved clinical outcomes, better patient experience, streamlined workflow, new procedures — we provide robust resources to turn possibility into reality.1

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Join Solea Nation

Solea is not just a laser, it’s a Community. Solea dentists receive the full support of the company and their peers. Our annual Solea Summit for doctors and staff is an invaluable platform for learning and sharing ideas with #SoleaNation. 

Annual Meeting
“After just one day of training, I felt comfortable with my Solea. The handpiece felt natural from the beginning and this excitement was heightened when I saw the Solea’s anesthesia-free and blood-free capabilities firsthand. The dental laser has increased the number of procedures we are able to perform daily because we rarely need to use anesthesia. Out of thousands of procedures performed by the four dentists in my office with a Solea, I could easily count the number of people who requested anesthetic on my fingers and toes. I am so impressed with the efficiency gain that I now have 3 Soleas at my practice.”

Ryan Slaten, DDS
General Dentist – Chagrin Falls, OH

Solea Support & Education

Our comprehensive training and continuing education programs are designed to ensure that doctors can integrate Solea quickly and seamlessly – so dentists can focus on the dentistry instead of the device.

On-Boarding and Education

Solea is simple to use. You will be fully capable and comfortable using Solea after a one-day, comprehensive training session conducted by a Solea trainer. At installation, a Field Service Engineer will train your clinical support staff on daily setup and maintenance, and other routine Solea maintenance activities.

You will have access to a vast library of online resources, including training materials, case studies, discussion boards, and more. Whether you want to master a new procedure or bring a new assistant up to speed on set-up and maintenance, everything you need is available in a digital format.

On-Site Training & Support

Newly trained Solea dentists work closely with a Clinical Coach to plan and review their first few weeks of Solea procedures, reinforce training and help with any challenges.

Convergent Dental has you covered. Our Field Service Engineers provide dedicated, nationwide coverage. Solea is Wi-Fi and cellular enabled, allowing for the efficient problem diagnosis and resolution, as well as for automated delivery of performance enhancing software updates.

Solea Success Managers

To ensure Solea users are always learning and up-to-date with the latest Solea announcements, each practice works with a dedicated Solea Success Manager. Educational sharing calls are held to cite clinical cases, best practices, and share any new information related to laser dentistry.

Solea doctors have access to exclusive content and information that includes peer discussion boards, training modules, and all the latest literature and information needed to optimize your experience with Solea.

Annual Solea Summit

The Solea Summit is the premier laser dentistry event of the year! Designed specifically for Solea Nation, both dentists and team, the meeting represents a a gathering of dental professionals dedicated to elevating their skills, sharing knowledge, and fostering a community of excellence.

Our goal is to help you achieve whatever your definition of success is with Solea, whether it is improved efficiency, patient experience, clinical effectiveness, procedural expansion, or all of the above. The program is loaded with opportunities for you to learn from Solea experts during scheduled sessions and from each other in between.


Solea Service

When you choose Solea you don’t just get a laser that delivers unmatched performance, you get a team of experts who provide unrivaled support and service. We’re here to answer any questions and provide solutions, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

In-House Customer Success Team

Our in-house Customer Success team consists of both technical and clinical experts. Service can be reached via phone or text at 800-880-8589, email at or web portal 5 days a week from 8am-8pm ET. We typically can address your issue within minutes and can solve most issues remotely by accessing your Solea through a Wi-Fi connection. We are proud to provide world class service every day.

Solea Nation Community

Sometimes our Solea doctors want peer to peer collaboration. We understand the need and have a community of responsive Solea dentists that thrive on sharing their clinical experiences. is an online community that supports peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and collaboration. Review clinical cases, post a question or comment, and engage with Solea Nation.

Service Technicians

Convergent Dental has you covered. Our Field Service Engineers provide dedicated, nationwide coverage, and have the training, knowledge, and experience to provide you with the highest level of support. In the unlikely event of needing urgent service, a Field Service Engineer will be on-site within 72 hours.

Solea is Wi-Fi and cellular enabled, allowing for the efficient problem diagnosis and resolution, as well as for automated delivery of performance enhancing software updates

Service Contract

Our service contract ensures that your Solea always performs at the highest level. The contract covers on-site repairs, part and component replacement, labor and travel fees, out-of-warranty repair costs and customer support by phone or internet. It also includes software updates that optimize Solea performance and access to comprehensive online training courses.

1. Based on 2022 Annual Survey of Solea users. Documentation on file.

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