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Dr. L. Don Wilson Uses Convergent Dental’s Solea Ultraguide Handpiece to Perform Additional All-Tissue Procedures

New York, NY — November 29, 2015 – Convergent Dental, Inc., a privately held dental device company, today announced clinical testimonial highlighting Solea’s Ultraguide handpiece. Dr. L Don Wilson speaks to the industry-leading laser’s expanded scope of clinical procedures including periodontal surgery, crown lengthenings, frenectomies, gingivectomies and more. Convergent Dental will be showcasing Solea, the first FDA cleared, CO2 9.3 micron dental laser for hard, soft tissue, and osseous tissue procedures, at the Greater New York Dental Meeting in New York, NY from November 29th- December 3rd.

Historically, the majority of general dentists refer soft and/or osseous tissue procedures out to specialists. Solea’s Ultraguide handpiece allows Dr. Wilson to perform a significantly expanded scope of procedures within his practice without having to inject patients with an anesthetic or struggle with excessive bleeding, while also avoiding the risk of post-operative discomfort. Solea’s Ultraguide handpiece also enables Dr. Wilson to perform periodontal surgeries more effectively and efficiently, and much less evasively.

“Convergent Dental has been relentless in advancing the capabilities of Solea since the initial release. The improvements and updates continuously amaze me and are delivered at an unprecedented rate,” said Dr. Wilson. “Solea is definitely the leading ‘all tissue laser’ in the market.”

“The Ultraguide handpiece enables dentists to experience consistent results in altering unhealthy 4-6 mm pockets to 2-3 mm healthy pockets,” said Dr. Wilson. Dr. Wilson has found that he is now able to perform crown-lengthening procedures at a higher caliber because of the Ultraguide’s hollow waveguide tips’ precision, as it helps to protect the cementum while the bone is being removed.

“Convergent Dental is committed to broadening the scope of Solea’s clinical capabilities,” said Convergent Dental CEO, Michael Cataldo. “We are thrilled that the Ultraguide handpiece has further expanded the clinical procedures dentists are able to perform and look forward to delivering additional value to practices in the future.”

Convergent Dental‘s focus on continuous innovation has made it the fastest growing all-tissue dental laser company in the United States. Practitioners interested in learning more about Solea and its Ultraguide handpiece can email or call 1-844-GO-SOLEA.

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About Convergent Dental, Inc.

Convergent Dental, Inc., is a privately owned dental equipment and technology company and developer of Solea®, the world’s first computer-aided, CO2 laser system to ever be cleared by the FDA for hard, soft, and osseous tissue indications. The only dental laser system able to deliver virtually anesthesia-free and blood-free procedures, Solea cuts significantly quieter, finer, and faster than any other laser-based system in dentistry. Solea’s speed and precision is a result of patented technologies and computer system controls that are unique to Convergent Dental, Inc. For more information visit Follow the company on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

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