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Thinking of adding Dental Lasers to Your Practice?


Are Dental Lasers Right for Your Practice?

Purchasing a new piece of dental technology is an important moment for the dental practice. There are a number of different factors that could influence this decision ranging from how the technology could impact patient experience, or enhance the procedures currently offered.

Ultimately, dentists must consider if a piece of technology is right for their practice and whether or not it addresses common issues or situations they encounter. If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, then dental lasers could be a perfect fit for your practice.

“Would you like to grow your practice by offering more services?”

If patients need soft-tissue treatment general dentists often refer procedures out to a specialist, meaning a loss of revenue.  The Solea laser enables doctors to expand the type of procedures performed every day by making these procedures simple and quick.

The technology delivers reliably anesthesia-free, blood-free, and suture-free dentistry—the ideal combination for dentists looking to create a significant growth for their practice through soft-tissue work.

The lack of anesthesia, blood, sutures, and minimal post-operative discomfort in the majority of cases enables you to perform gingivectomies, frenectomies, removal of fibromas, exposures, crown lengthening, and many other procedures that can further practice growth. Procedures such as these greatly benefit from Solea’s capabilities. For example, dentists can reduce the procedure time for a gingivectomy in the following ways: Dentists can reliably avoid the need to inject a patient with anesthesia and wait for them to become numb. Also, without the need for a scalpel dentists can complete the procedure with significantly minimized bleeding, post-op discomfort, and a very fast healing time. This creates a clinically enhanced workflow and an experience that patients will love.

“Would you like to improve practice efficiency?”

It’s hard to imagine any dental practice that doesn’t want to improve efficiency in some way. With Solea, appointment times for hard-tissue and soft-tissue procedures are dramatically reduced.

The required use of anesthesia for dental treatment adds unnecessary chair time during patient visits for both soft- and hard-tissue procedures. Without the use of a laser for dental treatment, dentists end up wasting valuable time injecting anesthesia and waiting for numbness to occur. Additionally, anesthesia restricts dentists’ ability to work on more than one quadrant during a single patient visit. This loss of efficiency limits the number of procedures that can be scheduled during a given workday, leading to a substantial loss of revenue over time.

However, laser dentists that use Solea are able to avoid these issues and greatly increase their practice’s efficiency. Hard-tissue procedures start and finish faster without anesthesia, providing dentists with a variety of situations to optimize practice efficiency: If a patient visits your practice for a hygiene visit and a cavity is discovered, with Solea you can often fill the cavity within that same visit. Because patients are able to feel their bite when they are not numb, there will be fewer follow-up visits for bite adjustments. Being able to practice multi-quadrant dentistry is also a tremendous benefit to practice efficiency, since you can accomplish multiple treatments across different quadrants in a single visit if needed, freeing you up to schedule more patients during your work day.

“Are your patients anxious about getting dental treatments or have any common dental phobias?”

Many patients of all ages are afraid of going to the dentist leading them to cancel or postpone scheduled appointments. If you find yourself dealing with patients anxious about common procedures such as caries removal, then Solea is an excellent technology choice for your practice.

The most common dental phobias among patients have to do with wanting to avoid a shot for anesthesia, the uncomfortable numb feeling that persists after a procedure requiring anesthesia, in addition to the unpleasant whirring noise of the high-speed drill and the sensation of the drill vibrating in their mouth. Solea addresses each of these dental phobias leading to significantly less anxious patients who can feel relaxed during treatments. Specifically, because of reliably anesthesia-free dentistry, patients that are afraid of needles or want to avoid the numb sensation after a procedure can feel comfortable in your practice. Also, while Solea’s handpiece was designed to provide dentists with a similar feel to a traditional drill, the experience on the patient end is entirely different: Solea is virtually noiseless and lacks the unpleasant vibration associated with the high-speed drill, creating a far better patient experience.

Solea will not only put your current patients at ease when coming to appointments, but can be a powerful tool for acquiring new patients searching for a technologically advanced dentist, provided you’re effectively communicating Solea’s benefits online and offline.

To learn more about the Solea dental laser and how it can promote growth at your practice, contact Convergent Dental here.

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