Dr. Fantarella on the Solea Dental Laser


Dr. David Fantarella had been using an erbium laser for five years when Solea hit the market. Unlike the erbium laser, Solea allowed him to perform a greater breadth of procedures at a faster rate and drastically improved his patient’s experience in the chair. Today, at his office in New Haven, Connecticut, he uses Solea on virtually every patient, every day.

Whether it’s for cavity preps, inlays, onlays, or amalgam and composite removal, Dr. Fantarella uses Solea. The same goes for crown lengthenings, troughing, gingivectomies, and majority of other soft tissue procedures. Compared to the 40% of procedures he was able to perform anesthesia-free with an erbium laser, he’s doing 99% with Solea. As he puts it, “It really makes dentistry accessible [for] a two year old to 102 year old.”


“Because of Solea’s power and ability to cut any tissue from any angle, I am able to perform procedures that I would have never attempted with an erbium laser,” he said. Solea’s speed and precision lessen the average length of appointment, and more patients are leaving happy and relaxed with no lingering discomfort. Jessica Holeva, a patient of Dr. Fantarella’s, recently made the news for her Solea story:

Within a year of buying his first Solea, Dr. Fantarella was already planning to double the size of his office to accommodate the roughly 70 new patients a month coming through the door. In that same year, new traffic increased the practice’s revenue by 40%. At a time when the financial health of a practice is cited as the #2 cause of on-the-job anxiety, Dr. Fantarella is doubling down on his investment. He added a second Solea this year. Now that’s what we call a success story.