The Future of Dread Free Dentistry Starts With Solea

In the United States today, statistics about dental health don’t paint a pretty or healthy picture.

As much as one in five Americans suffer some level of dental fear .

For 20% , that fear is acute, and ultimately prevents 5-8% of Americans from going to the dentist at all. (For some global context, 25% of Brits suffer anxiety prior to appointments.) As a result, the US is facing a health epidemic. It only takes a couple clicks to see its breadth. The National Institute of Health has written about it. As has USA Today and The Huffington Post.

While accessibility and insurance contribute to the above number as well, fear is one variable that Solea is designed to reduce. By virtually eliminating the drill and, in most cases, anesthesia from routine dental procedures, Solea also removes the dread that prevents people from going. Simply put, it fundamentally changes the experience for children and adults alike. Just listen to Amy explain:

Imagine this experience 100-fold or 100,000-fold. Suddenly, going to the dentist conjures very different image and elicits very different feelings. For kids it becomes a trip of high tech wizardry and fun. For adults, it’s a routine touch point for monitoring overall health.

As an innovation company, we think about how technological advancements like a CO2 laser at 9.3μm can improve our industry, but also keep in mind that these technologies are noteworthy because they help people live healthier and happier lives.

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