Solea’s Debut at Greater New York Dental Meeting 2013

Last week, our team arrived in New York City to introduce Solea at the 2013 Greater New York Dental Meeting (GNYDM), which drew nearly 55,000 dental professionals, from dentists to hygienists. The show was attended by professionals from all over the world, seeking to learn about new products in the field, especially new dental technology.

We set out to start a conversation with dentists about how Solea’s new, unique CO2 wavelength of 9.3 μm is totally changing the patient experience and the practice of dentistry.  Dentists, support staff, and even other vendors were excited to try Solea at our booth, and they validated the positive feedback that we have been receiving consistently from Solea dentists in the field.  At the show, Solea surpassed the expectations of those who visited our booth, demonstrating speed, precision and control that visitors had not experienced with any other dental laser.

Solea Demo

Several key opinion leaders in the dental laser community visited our booth. After seeing a demonstration or trying the laser itself, they told us that the laser dentistry textbooks and ALD (Academy of Laser Dentistry) proficiency exams would literally have to be rewritten because Solea is expanding what is possible in laser dentistry. Many were excited to learn that CO2 isn’t just for soft tissue anymore, that lasers can enable dentists to approximate the speed of the drill and that Solea is the first Computer Aided Preparation (CAP) system in dentistry. Hearing universally positive feedback from both laser experts and first-time users was exciting, inspiring and affirming.

Some of the top dental publications chatted with our CEO Michael Cataldo to hear how Solea is going to change dentistry. Then, one of our Solea dentists, Dr. Fantarella, demonstrated how Solea’s software and variable speed foot pedal are so easy to use. You can watch the interview with Dentistry Today video here.

Interview with Mike Cataldo

As part of the conversation about how lasers can change traditional dental practices, the Academy of Laser Dentistry delivered an informative presentation to educate dental professionals on the different types of lasers available to practices and the advantages of lasers for patient care. The ALD highlighted many of the patient benefits including the minimal use of anesthesia and a vibration-free experience and explained the difference between diode, erbium and CO2 lasers. What sets Solea apart from other lasers is its unique wavelength of 9.3 µm, which offers the ability to ablate hard and soft tissue with ease and precision, while providing a virtually silent experience – something that was a clear advantage when comparing the sound of Solea to the lasers in our neighboring booths.

To those dentists who purchased Solea at GNYDM, our team is excited that you are now part of the Convergent Dental family and we look forward to hearing how Solea creates a better patient experience in your offices.

Convergent Dental Team