INTRODUCING SOLEA 3.0 – The Next Big Breakthrough in Lasers is Here.


The Laser that changed dentistry is changing it again. When Solea first launched, it delivered on the promise of a reliable dental laser that increased efficiencies, added new procedures to a dentist’s repertoire and improved the dental experience for doctors and patients alike. Since that day, we haven’t stopped innovating. Solea 3.0 is our most impressive software update yet. It’s easy to use, intuitive, and handles like a dream. One of our Solea dentists said, “I feel as if I’m driving a new Formula 1… and it’s exhilarating!”

With Solea 3.0, dentists are able to turn on the machine and go. It is so simple dentists can cut any tissue with a single-setting. It enables any dentist to reliably deliver anesthesia-free, blood-free, suture-free and pain-free procedures. Dentists can perform multi-quadrant dentistry easier than ever before.

Solea 3.0 is standard on all new units and is delivered via Wi-Fi to existing clients for free as part of our service plan. Once you invest in Solea, we keep delivering. Dr. Ryan Slaten, a Solea dentist recently commented, “This new software makes me feel like I’m using an entirely new laser.” Now that’s value!

We’re excited for you to experience Solea 3.0. We’ll be at CDA Presents: Anaheim for the next three days and invite you to come visit us at Booth #670. We’ll also be at American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry Annual Session in two weeks and the Pacific Northwest Dental Conference in June. To schedule a demo outside of the shows, share your contact information here and we’ll follow up immediately.

We look forward to sharing our newest innovation with you.