Improving Patient Comfort and Satisfaction with Solea

Solea-November-Blog-Post-ImageFor most people, leaving the dentist without control of one side of their face is extremely uncomfortable. And yet, it’s not uncommon. For hours after a routine procedure, the lingering effects of Novocain can make the most basic things difficult: eating, drinking, even going back to work. Solea offers a drastically improved alternative.

Solea dentists report that they perform 95% of procedures anesthesia-free and blood-free, which means patients can get back to their lives quicker than ever before. Kim, who had always dreaded the dentist because of the needles and Novocain, recently visited Dr. Herzog’s office for a filling. After their appointment, her entire outlook on going to the dentist had changed.

Kim’s experience is similar to many Solea patients, who find that the laser allows for a more comfortable and relaxed dental visit, from start to finish. As she puts it, “No drill is a really good thing!”

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