Solea Laser Setup Practice

June Blog

At Dr. Bernstein’s office, a young patient with braces faced a complicated situation. The 14 year-old patient presented with extensive gingival hyperplasia. Her orthodontic appliance made it hard to maintain oral hygiene so there was significant gingival hypertrophy on 24 teeth. Traditionally dentists would reach for a scalpel, which requires anesthesia and follow-up sutures. Dr. Bernstein offers his patients a less invasive alternative using Solea.



Solea enables the dentists to perform procedures with extraordinary precision — a non-negotiable requirement for a procedure like a gingivectomy. Solea removed the overgrown tissue that was engulfing the brackets with little anesthetic, minimal bleeding, and no sutures. Solea transformed the experience from extremely painful and arduous to manageable and minimally-invasive.


As Dr. Bernstein himself notes, 24 teeth is an extraordinary scale. All around, Solea created a drastically improved experience from the patient perspective. As for Dr. Bernstein’s practice, Solea continues to help differentiate it from the pack.


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