Solea Laser Standard of Care

Convergent Dental - Solea

Dr. John Herzog, who has practiced general and restorative dentistry for over thirty years, is one of many who have found that Solea not only improves his patients’ experience, it makes his job easier.

Since he opened for business, Dr. Herzog has prioritized the comfort of his patients. Investing in Solea was a natural extension of that commitment. With a traditional drill, he had to schedule additional appointments to treat cracked teeth or cavities in multiple quadrants. With Solea he can do it all in one sitting, with no novocaine or needles. He knew he was on to something when one of his most discerning patients, his seven year-old daughter, hopped out of the chair and gave her vote of approval: “It’s cool!”

As Dr. Herzog sees it, having Solea will start to differentiate one practice from another. “It will soon become the standard of care,” he says. “People will come to expect this level of comfort.”

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