Dr. Ron Plotka on Solea as a Practice Builder

Dr. Ron Plotka and Convergent Dental's Solea Laser

Dr. Ron Plotka has practiced general dentistry for 45 years. Two years ago he started using Solea and it has completely transformed his practice. Unlike other dental lasers, Solea is the only CO2 9.3 micron dental laser cleared by the FDA for work on both hard and soft tissue. In fact, Dr. Plotka uses it on just about all of his patients. By helping dentists simplify their workflow, Solea provides a dentist with dramatically-improved efficiencies.

Solea’s efficiency increases production and patient satisfaction. Happier patients result in more referrals and higher ROI. Solea, as Dr. Plotka puts it, is a “practice-builder.” By providing the highest standard in technology and patient care, it does what no other laser can do — take your practice to another level.

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