Innovative Dental Technology

Solea - Dentistry That Fits Your Life

A recent report by Gallup Well-being found that more than one-third of Americans had not visited the dentist in the past 12 months. For those millions of people, this isn’t simply a function of avoidance, but a reflection of how hard it is to make the time given their incredibly busy schedules. Between work, school, and family obligations, routine appointments and follow-up treatments often get pushed further and further down the priority list.

Given the well-documented connection between oral health and our overall physical well being, this is more than an eye-popping statistic, it’s a health crisis that is begging for innovative solutions.

One way we are addressing this issue is by dramatically improving speed and efficiency through innovative technology. Solea, the market leader in hard and soft tissue dental lasers, allows dentists to perform virtually anesthesia-free procedures and with minimal bleeding. This means more work can be done in less time during fewer visits.

For patients, this not only means fewer uncomfortable injections and less noise and vibration, it also means faster treatments and less post-op discomfort. Patients leave Solea dentist’s offices ready to re-enter their day without lingering numbness, swelling, or pain.

Innovation matters most when it affects positive change. Faster appointments and a better patient experience is fundamentally changing what it means to go the dentist. By making dental care easier and less of a time commitment, Solea is ensuring that more people get the dental care they need.

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