Dental Lasers Not For Your Practice? It’s Time For A Second Look

Convergent Dental Solea


In an economic climate like ours, it’s right to be cautious when it comes to capital investments in your business. But when it comes to Solea, the ROI is proven and the risks are minimized. The first FDA-approved CO2 Hard and soft tissue laser of its kind, Solea is quickly becoming an industry favorite for its ability to drastically increase everyday efficiency.

Current Solea dentists report that Solea’s advancements and advantages are unparalleled. Dr. Lawrence Kotlow, a Solea dentist based in Albany, New York, said, “I’ve owned three other all-tissue lasers and multiple diodes at various wavelengths. Solea cuts faster and with more precision than any of them for hard and soft tissue.” His advice for other dentists: “It’s a no brainer.“

The case for Solea is simple. With traditional tools, practitioners lose valuable time administering anesthesia, waiting for numbness, achieving homeostasis and scheduling multiple appointments for patients with work in multiple quadrants. Solea dentists recover that time by routinely performing anesthesia-free and blood-free procedures, working in all four quadrants in a single visit and treating problems the same day that they are discovered in hygiene. All this affords dentists to complete more procedures per visit, per day, per month, etc, while delivering a profoundly better patient experience.

Practitioners at every stage of their career are amazed at Solea’s performance. “I still find it hard to believe how much I can do without anesthesia,” said Dr. Patrick McEvoy, who’s been in business for over twenty years. “[With Solea] I work in multiple quadrants in a single appointment. I fill cavities for patients right out of hygiene and they are comfortable sitting for more dentistry, all because it doesn’t hurt. My patients love the experience and I love the increased efficiency.”

We recognize that everyone’s business is different and would love to learn more about yours today. Call us at 1.800.880.8589 to set up a personalized evaluation and learn how Solea can improve your production, patients’ experiences, and, most importantly, your bottom line.