At The Dentist With Dr. Jerry Wender

At Solea Dentist Dr. Jerry Wender

At the Dentist with Solea Dentist Dr. Jerry Wender

Solea’s promise is two-fold. First, an appointment without drills and anxiety-inducing anesthetics means a drastically improved patient experience. Second, happy patients and few injections mean a better workday for dentists. Just ask Dr. Jerry Wender, who is one of the newest dentists to add Solea to his practice.

A Solea dental laser not only increases efficiency by saving time associated with anesthesia and controlling bleeding, it also changes patients’ perception of their time in the chair. Dr. Wender has started documenting patients right after they experience Solea in action.

Here’s Joe, who came in for fillings:

And Carlton, who added a little holiday flair, for his review:

As you can see, Solea means happier patients, increased efficiency and in Dr. Wender’s case, more videos.

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