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Convergent Dental Unveils New 8/400, 8/600 and 8/1200 Hollow Waveguides at CDA Presents Anaheim 2015

Anaheim, CA – CDA Presents Anaheim 2015 — April 30, 2015Convergent Dental Inc., a privately held dental device company, today announced the availability of the 8/400, 8/600, and 8/1200 hollow waveguides for its precision-engineered Ultraguide Solea handpiece. The new hollow waveguides expand the breadth of applications for Solea, enabling dentists to perform procedures in the periodontal pocket in addition to all of the other hard and soft tissue procedures for which the dental laser is becoming so well known. The hollow waveguides are each 8 mm long and have 400, 600 and 1200 micron inner diameters giving practitioners the ability to choose the right tool for the job anywhere in the oral cavity. All of Convergent Dental’s hollow waveguides are compatible with the new Ultraguide handpiece and will be available for demonstrations at CDA Presents Anaheim 2015 at the Anaheim Convention Center April 30 – May 2, 2015.

The 8/400, 8/600 and 8/1200 hollow waveguides are the latest entries into a family of hollow waveguides that offer dentists more versatility and better performance from Solea. The fastest cutting dental laser on the market has received significant traction within the dental community due to its ability to deliver consistently anesthesia-free and blood-free procedures. Without having to inject patients or wait for patients to get numb, practitioners perform multi-quadrant dentistry and significantly increase their production. Solea dentists report performing many additional procedures per day, driving increases in revenues in the tens of thousands of dollars per month.

“The company’s commitment to continuous innovation without compromising our customers’ initial Solea investment is one of Convergent Dental’s core tenets,” said CEO Michael Cataldo. “Solea has established itself as a versatile, efficiency-driving, revenue-generating tool that is critical to practitioners’ success. Our new hollow waveguides are another example of how we are committed to increasing value to our customers over time.”

All of Convergent Dental’s hollow waveguides are compatible with Solea’s Ultraguide handpiece. The Ultraguide handpiece is delivered with the industry’s first automatic alignment system which detects the center point of the laser’s 0.25 mm beam and communicates wirelessly with Solea to precisely position it through the exact center of the hollow waveguide’s opening.

Practitioners interested in learning more about Solea and its Ultraguide can email or call 1-800-880-8589.

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About Convergent Dental, Inc.

Convergent Dental, Inc., is a privately owned dental equipment and technology company and developer of Solea™, the world’s first computer-aided, CO2 laser system to ever be cleared by the FDA for both hard and soft tissue indications. The only dental laser system able to deliver virtually anesthesia-free and blood-free procedures, Solea cuts significantly quieter, finer, and faster than any other laser-based system in dentistry. Solea’s speed and precision is a result of patented technologies and computer system controls that are unique to Convergent Dental, Inc. For more information follow the company on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

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