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Convergent Dental Announces New Sleep Application Providing Immediate Relief for Snorers

Needham, MA (February 20, 2020) – Convergent Dental, Inc., developer of the industry-leading 9.3 µm CO2 all-tissue Solea® laser, is excited to announce a rapid relief treatment for the 90+ million adults who snore.

“We are thrilled to announce an all-new, easy to administer protocol for dentists who participate in, or are eager to enter, the growing field of dental sleep medicine,” said Michael Cataldo, Chief Executive Officer of Convergent Dental. “Solea Sleep will add even more value to customers who want to offer the latest and best treatments to their patients.”

A unique application of Solea’s advanced technology enables dentists to gently tighten tissue in the soft palate in a simple, 5-minute treatment, reducing vibrations that cause patients to snore and disrupt sleep. The product is currently in limited market release and will be available beginning in May of 2020.

"After 8 years of using an erbium laser to treat patients with airway issues,” said Anthony Bolamperti, DDS, of Omaha Laser Dentistry, “I consider Solea Sleep to be a quantum leap forward, allowing me to accomplish in a single 5-minute treatment what used to require three or four 30-minute treatments. My patients are experiencing immediate snoring relief and better quality of sleep for them and their partners.”

For more information about Solea, please visit or call 844.GOSOLEA.

About Convergent Dental, Inc.

Convergent Dental, Inc. is a privately-owned dental equipment and technology company. Solea® is the only computer-aided, CO2 laser system to be cleared by the FDA for all-tissue indications. With Solea’s unique wavelength and computer controls, dentists can reliably perform procedures anesthesia-free, blood-free, suture-free, and pain-free. Reliably anesthesia-free and blood-free procedures pay huge dividends for patients in the form of a vastly improved dental experience and dentists in terms of significant practice growth. For more information, follow the company on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

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