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Convergent Dental Announces Commercial Availability of Solea® Protect™


Convergent Dental announces Solea® Protect™ Launch

Waltham, MA — Tooth decay, also known as dental caries, can affect patients of all ages and is one of the top reasons for dental appointments. Convergent Dental, the power behind the Solea® All-Tissue Dental Laser, is now helping dentists inhibit caries development with the commercial launch of Solea® Protect. This new application for the Solea laser helps reduce mineral loss in dental enamel, protecting teeth against acid attack and caries development.

Solea Protect is the result of decades of research in caries prevention using CO2 lasers. The treatment uses the Solea laser’s novel 9.3-micron wavelength to gently heat the surface of tooth enamel, removing impurities that can weaken teeth. This process creates a strong, crystal-like tooth structure that is more resistant to decay. When used in combination with fluoride, Solea Protect reduces mineral loss up to six times more than fluoride alone. 1  In a one-year clinical trial, 22% of patients who received only fluoride treatments required a caries restoration within the 12 months. Conversely, none of the patients (0%) who were treated with a combination of Solea Protect and fluoride required a restoration during the trial.

“Convergent Dental is committed to driving innovation that elevates dental practices. Preventing tooth decay benefits nearly everyone and Solea Protect gives providers easy-to-use technology that is convenient and effective for their patients,” said Robert L. Gershon, CEO of Convergent Dental. “This new application is another example of the versatility of the Solea laser and how Convergent Dental is pushing the future of dentistry forward.”

With the addition of the Solea Protect treatment, the Solea laser enables dentists to offer both a unique preventative treatment and an anxiety-free experience when restorative work is required. 


About Convergent Dental

Convergent Dental, Inc. is a privately owned dental equipment and technology company. The Company’s flagship product, Solea®, is the only CO2 laser to be cleared by the FDA for all-tissue indications and delivers an anesthesia-free, blood-free, suture-free experience that dentists can rely on.3 Solea® is a true breakthrough in dental laser technology that offers a completely different experience for both dentists and patients when compared to traditional instruments or any earlier laser treatment. Solea® enables dentists to elevate their practices through improved efficiency, patient experience, clinical effectiveness, and procedural expansion. 4 

For more information, please visit Follow the company on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. 

 [1] Badreddine AH, et al. Demineralization Inhibition by High-Speed Scanning of 9.3 μm CO2 Single Laser Pulses Over Enamel. Lasers Surg Med. 2021 Jul;53(5):703-712.
 [2] Rechmann P, et al. Fissure caries inhibition with a CO2 9.3-μm short-pulsed laser-a randomized, single-blind, split-mouth controlled, 1-year clinical trial. Clin Oral Investig. 2021 Apr;25(4):2055-2068. 
[3] Based on report of 1000 procedures performed by Solea users. Documentation on file.
[4] Based on 2022 Annual Survey of Solea users. Documentation on file.

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