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Porcelain Fused to Zirconia Crown Removal

Case Summary:

A 52-year-old male patient presented to the practice for his routine examination. The oral evaluation revealed a fractured Porcelain fused to Zirconia (PFZ) crown on the tooth #15. The treatment consisted of an atraumatic removal of the #15 PFZ crown in an efficient manner. The clinical objective was to obtain a clean, simple removal of the existing restoration without the need for multiple diamond burs and trauma to the tooth structure. The treatment was completed using Solea.

Technique Used:

Utilizing Solea with 1.0 mm spot size and 100% mist at 80% power to partially sectioned #15 PFZ crown. The sectioning was successful on the exposed zirconia substructure, but the restoration remained intact due to the exiting feldspathic porcelain that remained on the occlusal table and interproximally. The porcelain needed to be removed, and it was accomplished very easily with a fine diamond bur in a matter of seconds. Solea was then utilized with the 1.0 mm spot size and 100% mist at 80% power. The laser beam was focused on the newly exposed zirconia to section it. A spoon excavator was placed in area of the ablated zirconia. By twisting the spoon, the dentist was able to get a clear view of the now split zirconia. The remaining crown was very simply removed with absolutely no trauma to the underlying prep. The entire procedure was completed in a matter of seconds rather than minutes and most importantly, the underlying tooth structure was conserved.


With traditional approach, this procedure is typically completed with multiple fine diamonds in an electric handpiece, damage to the tooth structure, and a significant increase in procedure time. The shallow penetration depth of Solea allows for the fast separation of the zirconia substructure with no damage to underlying tissues. The traditional approach also adds a notable cost to this treatment, as multiple diamond burs would be utilized and destroyed. This case highlights the exceptional precision of Solea, as well as the diversity of clinical procedures that it can be applied to.

Solea Advantage:

  • Solea’s precision enabled the dentist to be in complete control of the cutting throughout the procedure, which lead to the amazing clinical results.
  • Treatment was completed in a minimally invasive manner.
  • Procedure time was reduced to seconds compared to 2-5 minutes with the traditional tools.
  • Patient received a much better experience because the appointment was fast and smooth.
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