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Mucocele Removal


Mucocele Removal

Case Summary:

The patient presented complaining of swollen "flappy" tissue under his tongue. The lesion measured 6 x 6 x 9 mm and was located at the junction of the right of lingual frenum, floor of mouth and base of tongue. The clinical objective was to excise the lesion. With Solea, the procedure was completed in 5 minutes. Pathology reports confirmed lesion was a mucocele.

Mucocele Removal Case Summary

Technique Used:

Only topical anesthetic (TAC) was used. This procedure was completed using the “Hard and Soft Tissue” setting starting with the 0.25mm spot size, 1% mist and cutting speed between 10% - 40%. The procedure was finished with the 1.00 mm spot size, 0% mist and cutting speed of 10% in order to create a laser bandage. The total procedure time was approximately 5 minutes.


Pathology reports confirmed lesion was a mucocele.

Solea Advantage:

This large mucocele was removed without injectable anesthetic and without sutures. With Solea this procedure was completed in 5 minutes, compared to approximately 30 – 40 minutes with traditional instruments. With Solea, time was saved by not injecting the patient, not waiting for the patient to become numb and not stitching the patient. Additionaly, time was saved because bleeding was controlled with the use of Solea. The patient experience was enhanced as there was minimal patient discomfort and healing time was extremely fast.

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